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The Offer

Another way to maximize the likelihood that the top candidate will accept an offer is by making the offer as soon as possible after the campus visit. A timely offer will demonstrate sincere interest and eagerness for the candidate to join the department or school.

Before an offer can be made, however, (i) the school must submit a Faculty Search Guidelines Summary Report with supporting documentation to the Office of the Provost, and (ii) the Office of the Provost must approve the offer based on the candidate materials submitted. The report requires the school to provide materials pertaining to the achievements of the proposed candidate (CV, letters of recommendation), the CV and other supporting materials for each short-listed candidate who is not receiving an offer, and specific comparison of the proposed candidate to all other short-listed candidates and the reasons why the other candidates were not chosen.

For searches conducted through the Faculty Recruiting System, the first two items will autopopulate within the University’s eOffer module.

Any finalist not selected for a faculty position should be informed after an offer is accepted. If possible, the department or school should solicit feedback from finalists about the search process. Similarly, candidates who turn down offers to come to Northwestern should be contacted to share the reasons for their decisions, including feedback about the search process.