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Search and Review Process

Search committee members should familiarize themselves with key findings in the literature on unconscious bias in academic hiring. Information on unconscious bias, including suggested strategies for minimizing bias and links to relevant studies, may be found in the Resources on Unconscious Bias webpage. 

Before reviewing applications, the search committee should discuss and define their selection criteria and should establish procedures for addressing disagreements within the committee. The committee should discuss the best practices it intends to follow, and should discuss how it will address unconscious bias. 

If possible, the committee should ensure that the same group of two or more committee members reviews each initial application, and that applications are screened using a uniform procedure at each stage. Once an initial short list is created, committee members may wish to conduct initial interviews at professional meetings or by phone. As the search progresses, the candidate’s writings should be reviewed by the departmental members of the committee.

In accordance with federal regulations, the University solicits sex, race, and ethnicity data from applicants for faculty positions. For searches conducted through the Faculty Recruiting System (FRS), these email requests are automatically sent.