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Outreach and Advertising

The creation of a broad and diverse pool of prospects is an essential first step in the faculty recruitment process. Effective searches are proactive searches in which the committee energetically seeks out promising prospects. No one should assume that every strong candidate automatically applies to Northwestern. Particularly in fields in which they are in great demand, excellent female and underrepresented minority scholars may not approach a department or school regarding a possible opening. Therefore, search committees should engage in outreach efforts that will attract applications from women, people of color, and others who would add diversity.

Several suggested outreach strategies are outlined in the following sections:

Be Creative

Use Personal and Professional Networks

Explore Candidate Databases

There are numerous online resources that search committees can utilize to search for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars from groups that are historically underrepresented in higher education. A non-exclusive sample of these resources is described below.

Additionally, diversity recruiting organizations such as Minority Postdoc, Nemnet, and IMDiversity will, in exchange for a fee, post academic positions on their websites and provide access to underrepresented minority candidate vitae. Information on these and other advertisers is provided in the following section.

Advertise Broadly

Search committees should define and advertise searches broadly enough so that outstanding female and underrepresented minority prospects can be fully considered, even if not in the precise sub-discipline initially envisaged in the search. Narrowly defined searches may exclude women or underrepresented minorities, or may limit the committee’s ability to consider candidates with a different profile who nonetheless qualify for the position.

Limiting advertising to traditional publications may result in a homogeneous pool of applicants. Advertising in a variety of publications not only will help enlarge the pool of candidates but it will convey the commitment of the department and the school to recruiting women, people of color, and others who would add diversity to the faculty. A list of Advertising Venues for Faculty Recruitment is provided here as a resource. Northwestern’s Office of Human Resources also maintains general and industry-specific lists of diversity recruitment resources.

Search committees should post the approved position announcement on the department or school website, as well as through the eRecruit module in Northwestern's MyHR system. Any position announcement submitted through MyHR will also be posted publicly on the Northwestern Careers webpage and the Greater Chicago Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GCM-HERC) job board, and preapproved external venues.

Search committees should ensure that their advertisements comply with federal requirements applicable to the hiring of non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents. To meet these requirements, the advertisement must (i) list the position title, minimum qualifications, and principal duties; and (ii) be published in a website or publication that is national in scope and in the print or electronic version of a professional journal. In addition, Northwestern requires search committees to advertise the position in at least one print publication.

Search committee members with questions about posting job advertisements to publications or websites targeted to diverse populations should contact Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Associate Provost for Faculty ( or Jabbar R. Bennett, Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion (