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Documenting the Search

Northwestern's Faculty Search Guidelines require departments and schools to assemble and maintain records of faculty searches, including pre-search approval documentation, correspondence between the department and the dean, advertisements and notices, documentation of the committee’s outreach efforts, applications and supporting materials, interview notes, follow-up correspondence and notes relating to the candidates, written evaluations of the candidate’s work, and finalist lists. 

Committees should retain all such materials for at least three years, whether or not a formal offer was made. Pre-search approval documentation, the Faculty Search Guidelines Summary Report, and copies of the position announcement will be automatically archived by the MyHR system and retained according to the University’s document retention policies.

If a school hires a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident, it will need to be able to produce documentation (photocopies or computer print-outs of actual advertisements posted, records of interviews conducted, application materials submitted, etc.) demonstrating that the search complied with federal law.