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Women Faculty

Supporting our women faculty members' careers and providing avenues to strengthen their community are important components of our work to enhance the success of all our faculty.  Through the initiatives described below we strive to:

Our ongoing work is conducted in partnership with the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, the Faculty Senate, the Organization of Women Faculty, Feinberg Medical Women Faculty Organization, and the Women's Center.

Provost's Advisory Council on Women Faculty

Launched in fall 2016, the Provost’s Advisory Council on Women Faculty supports our women and women-identified faculty through work on faculty development and leadership, work-life issues and policies, and pipeline advancement, in order to foster gender equity and even greater career success. Comprised of approximately fifty women and men faculty from across the schools, the Council is part of our collective larger focus on improving diversity and inclusion at Northwestern.

Read more about the Council and its ongoing work HERE.

Women Faculty at Northwestern: An Overview

We are pleased to share Women Faculty at Northwestern: An Overview, a report compiled by the office of the Associate Provost for Faculty examining gender equity at Northwestern. The data report provides a snapshot of numbers and percentages of tenure-line and clinical/instructional faculty by gender, rank, race/ethnicity, and the doctoral pipeline, as well as documents the gender breakdown of leadership positions and named chairs. Historical trends show a steady, but slow, increase in the number and percentage of women faculty and pose a challenge to the University to accelerate growth in gender equity.

Many of these data are available in various other formats, including the 2016 Report on Faculty, Staff, and Student Diversity and Inclusion at Northwestern, and the Northwestern Data Book on the Administration and Planning website. We hope that bringing them together in this format is valuable to the Northwestern community.

Read the report HERE.

Career Advancement and Leadership Development

Community-building Initiatives

Chicago Collaboration for Women in STEM

Questions? Contact Joan Johnson, Director, Faculty,