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Career Development Programs

The Office of the Provost offers a variety of programs to provide faculty the tools they need to do their best work. These programs and workshops are designed to enhance faculty career success and satisfaction.

Please review our latest program brochure HERE. Contact Joan Johnson, Director for Faculty, at with questions. These programs are open to all faculty or as indicated.

Detailed information and sign-up instructions for each program will be sent by email.

New Faculty Welcome and Campus Resources

September 19, 2019
9am-5pm. Breakfast and Lunch Provided.

Welcome to Northwestern! Meet new colleagues and learn about resources and services that will contribute to your work and life at the University. New faculty are invited to attend this day-long welcome program. Questions about the program can be directed to Joan Johnson, at

Our office also provides a guide to resources for new and current faculty. Learn more.

Solo Success: How to Thrive in the Academy When You Are the Only _____ in Your Department

October 18, 2019
9am-4pm. Breakfast and Lunch Provided.

Identify common challenges and learn specific strategies to increase productivity, teach efficiently, and build strong and healthy professional relationships and communities of support. Presented by Rosemarie Roberts from the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development.

Navigating Tenure

November 4, 2019
3pm-4:30pm. Light Refreshments Provided.

Spring Date to be announced

All pre-tenure women faculty on the Evanston campus are invited to attend a confidential discussion led by a group of tenured women faculty. Discussion topics may include: department, school, or central resources that are available to help junior faculty members balance their research, teaching, service, and personal lives; advice on identifying and cultivating mentoring relationships; general and school-specific expectations and timetables for tenure; and strategies for developing a tenure dossier. By invitation only.

Every Quarter Needs a Plan

January 24, 2020
9am-12pm. Breakfast Provided.

Junior faculty identify personal and professional goals, create a strategic plan to accomplish them, and identify the types of community support and accountability necessary for the most productive and balanced quarter or semester ever. Presented by Rachel McLaren from the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity.