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Searle Fellows Cohort List

Since its inception in 1999, our Searle Fellows have exemplified what it means to think critically and reflectively about one’s own teaching—and the learning of one’s students—across a wide variety of disciplines and fields. To date, two hundred and sixty-eight early career faculty members, drawing from nine schools and representing a broad range of disciplines have passed through our program, making their mark not only in the classrooms, but also on the greater Northwestern community and beyond.

For more information about the Searle Fellows Program and fellow projects, please visit the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching website.

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Name Final Projects Year
Mira Balberg Questioning Religion: Problematized Teaching in an Introductory Course 2016-2017
Sarah Bartolome

Community Engagement as Fieldwork: Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a University-School Partnership for Pre-Service Music Educators

Klinton Bicknell

Teaching Students to Evaluate Evidence Using Skills-Focused Teaching Practices and Real-World Materials

Mobola Campbell-Yesufu

An Innovative Curriculum in Health Disparities and Social Justice for Internal Medicine Trainees

Shannon Crabtree

Implementing Mastery Learning into Physician Assistant Education Using Bedside Ultrasonography

Priya Gopwani Jain

Improving Trainee Feedback through a Clinical Coaching Program

Russ Horowitz

Development of a Longitudinal Ultrasound Curriculum for Early Medical Students

Angira Patel

Developing a Competency Driven Bioethics Curriculum for Graduate Medical Trainees

Angela Roberts

Meeting World Health Needs through Innovative Teaching Approaches in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Terri Sabol

Applying the Science of Child Development to Real-World Policy Contexts

Tiffany Marie Schmidt

Deepening Student Learning through Engagement in a Classroom of Thirty

Shayna Silverstein

Experiencing Disjuncture: When Less is More

Gregory Wagner

Building Critical Thinking about Computational Simulation in Engineering


Amy Y. Wang

Introducing Medical Students to Clinical Informatics Practice and Careers


Fadia Antabli

A Constructivist Approach to Learning:
Classroom Practices for the Arabic Language Class

Moran Cerf Measuring Students' Engagement, in Real-Time, Using Neuroscience Tools 2015-2016
Margaret Chapman Communicating critical reasoning:  Key Skills for Senior Medical Students 2015-2016
Haydon Cherry Reframing the History of Modern Southeast Asia:  A Pedagogical Challenge 2015-2016
Jing Dong Incorporating Case Studies and Simulation Experiments in The teaching of Introductory Statistics 2015-2016
Marina Henke Gender Bias in Office Hour Attendance 2015-2016
Patrick Lank Learning Emergency Medicine in the Time of Free Open Access Meducation (FOAMEd) 2015-2016
Daniel Majchrowicz Teaching Literature and Popular Culture in Lesser-Taught Languages and Regions 2015-2016
Mary McBride Three-Dimensional Printing of Congenital Heart Disease 2015-2016
Ohad Perry Probability as a Threshold Concept 2015-2016
Ariel Rogers Screens in the Classroom 2015-2016
Malika Shah The Physician's Role in Promoting Breastfeeding 2015-2016
Amanda Stathopoulos Authentic Learning of Survey Methods for Engineering Decisions:  Triggering Engagement and Sensitivity with Out-of-Classroom Connections 2015-2016
Ranya Sweis Mastery Learning Right Heart Catheterization Simulation Program for Trainee Education 2015-2016
Erica Weitzman Building Meaningful Interdisciplinarity 2015-2016
George Wells Microbial Ecology for Environmental Engineers:  Critical Reading and Discussion of Primary Literature as a Learner-Centered Teaching Approach 2015-2016
Brenna Dee  Argall Restructuring, Without Reducing, a Heavy Course Workload 2014-2015
Danny  Bega Shaping Residency Education:  Fostering Autonomy and Competency for Future Leaders through Near-Peer Teaching in Morning Report 2014-2015
Aymar Jean  Christian Power in Entertainment:  Developing Critical Thinking of Creative Industries Among First- and Second-Year Undergraduates 2014-2015
Marcus  Doshi Keeping Minds (and Eyes) Open When the Lights Go Out: The Introductory Survey of Contemporary Art History and the Non-Humanist 2014-2015
Danna Freedman Incorporating the primary literature into the introductory chemistry curriculum 2014-2015
Claudia Haase Emotional Mysteries:  Developing an Undergraduate Course 2014-2015
Joshua  Kleinfeld Motivating Philosophy and Law 2014-2015
Karen  Mangold A longitudinal Elective in Medical Education for Pediatric Residents 2014-2015
Jacqueline D.  Neal Changing Medical Culture through Educational Programming 2014-2015
Andrew J.  Sauer Integrating Simulation, Audience Response and Interactive Discussion in the Lecture hall:  A Potential Mechanism for Motivating the Learner in the First-Year Medical School curriculum 2014-2015
Evan Alexander Scott Motivating Basic Sciences:  teaching Chemistry in a Mathematical Language 2014-2015
Toru Shiozaki Blending Theory and Practice:  Integrating Professional Managers into the Classroom 2014-2015
Ned  Smith Learning Objectives in Introductory Physi8cs laboratories:  Designing for Broad Student Populations 2014-2015
Nathaniel P.  Stern Enhancing the Environment to Improve Critical Thinking 2014-2015
Patricia  Vassallo DTR:  Undergraduate Program for Design, Technology and Research 2014-2015
Haoqi  Zhang Promoting Student Engagement with Project-Based learning and Visual Demonstrations 2014-2015
Koray  Aydin Establishing Criteria for Tanstibial Impression Assessment 2013-2014
Neda  Bagheri Building Empathic Intelligence through Experiential Learning:  A Case Study in Immigration Law 2013-2014
John Brinkmann Faculty Perspectives towards Student Diversity in STEM 2013-2014
Erin  Delaney Situated Learners:  From Learning About Performance to Performance as a Pedagogical Tool 2013-2014
Mesmin  Destin Engaging Risk and Uncertainty in Media Production Classes 2013-2014
Marcela  Fuentes The Use of Simulation for Medical Student Handoff Education 2013-2014
Kyle Henry Mechanics Across Disciplines:  Expanding Student Perspectives Through Applied case Studies 2013-2014
Alanna Higgins Joyce Teaching (with) Video Games:  Reflections and Strategies 2013-2014
Sinan  Keten Can a partially "flipped" classroom enable better application of engineering theory to student course projects? 2013-2014
Amy Shirong  Lu Sonata:  An Active Learning paradigm to Promote Clinical Reasoning in Pre-Clinical Learners 2013-2014
Eric  Masanet Switched On, Tuned In:  Engaging Students in Critical Thinking in Lectures 2013-2014
R Kannan  Mutharasan The Use of Script Concordance Testing in Pediatric Otolaryngology Curriculum Evaluation 2013-2014
Anna  Parkinson Learning Informal and Ad-hoc Organization:  Tactics of Teamwork and Problem-solving in small groups 2013-2014
James Schroeder Improving medical Education in Pediatric Nutrition - A Case-Based Approach 2013-2014
Aaron  Shaw Teaching the "Unclass":  Student-centered learning via individualized learning plans in a practicum setting 2013-2014
Jennifer Strople Engaging Students through Participation:  Integration of Group Activities in Engineering Mechanics Courses 2013-2014
Emily  Withrow Digital Lofts:  Online learning environments for real world innovation 2013-2014
Giuseppe  Buscarnera Engaging Students through Participation:  Integration of Group Activities in Engineering Mechanics Courses 2012-2013
Matthew Easterday Digital Lofts:  Online learning environments for real world innovation 2012-2013
Dan Gruber Tweeting the News:  using twitter to bridge theory and practice 2012-2013
Jeffery (Jeff) Gossett Improving Confidence and Skill in Pediatric cardiac Ausculatation 2012-2013
Ramona Gupta Using Simulation Technology in Interventional Radiology Fellowship Training 2012-2013
Laurel Harbridge Problematizing Lectures to Promote Critical Thinking in Political Science 2012-2013
Molly Losh Introducing students to autism:  Development of a new course 2012-2013
Megan McHugh Experience with a Hybrid Distance Learning Course Structure in a Graduate-Level Health Services research Course 2012-2013
Sazzad Nasir Discover relevance through collaborative learning 2012-2013
Bernice  Ruo Incorporating Evidence-Based medicine into the Clinical Curriculum 2012-2013
Jacob (Jake) Smith eco-Media as a Platform for Service Learning 2012-2013
Alexander (Sasha) Statsyuk Teaching Interdisciplinary Science 2012-2013
Cheng Sun Promoting Active Learning with the Emphasis on Conceptual Problems 2012-2013
Jennifer Trainor A Pediatric Boot Camp for Graduating Medical Students to Help Prepare Them for Internship 2012-2013
Ipek  Yosmaoglu Teaching a Research-Intensive Undergraduate Seminar, challenges and Incentives 2012-2013
Fengqi You Enhancing Students' Learning in capstone Design Projects;  Motivation and Assessments 2012-2013
Hao Zhang Project-driven Learning in Optical Microscopy 2012-2013
Daniel M. Abrams Improving Interactive Participation in the Advanced Applied Math Classroom 2011-2012
Oluwaseyi Balogun Promoting Excitement and Deep Learning of Fundamental Dynamics Concepts in an Engineering Undergraduate Classroom 2011-2012
Robert Greenberg Utilizing a Text-paging platform to enhance clinical assessments among 3rd year medical students 2011-2012
Nikos Hardavellas Enhancing Critical Thinking through Inquiry-based Learning 2011-2012
Dana Hill Using problematized teaching to engage first-year law students in threshold concepts in the CLR classroom 2011-2012
Jiaxing Huang Bioinformatics:  Small Class Teaching in Medical School 2011-2012
Brent Huffman Engagement across platforms - Narrative Innovation Project 2011-2012
Sarah Jacoby Thinking through religion:  Inspiring learning through engaged lecturing in a large class 2011-2012
Georgia Kernell Education for best practices in pediatric asthma:  continuing medical education for the general pediatrician 2011-2012
Mary Nevin Education for Best Practices in Pediatric Asthma:  Continuing Medical Education for the General Pediatrician 2011-2012
Jennifer Nicholas Preparing Radiology Residents for Independent Call in a Pediatric Hospital via iPad-based Curriculum 2011-2012
Wendy Pearlman Blogging on Current Events:  Applying Class Learning beyond the Lecture Hall 2011-2012
Jyothy Puthumana Focused clinical Experience - a pilot study 2011-2012
Emily Rohrbach Engaging Students in a Large Lecture Course 2011-2012
Carol Schmidt Teaching Ophthalmologic Surgical Skills:  Taking a New Look at Educational Strategies 2011-2012
Keith Tyo Teaching Biological Concepts through Exploratory Computational Tools 2011-2012
Benjamin  Armbruster Continuous Improvement of IEMS 326 2010-2011
Geraldo  Cadava Evaluating changing perceptions of immigration in a freshman seminar 2010-2011
Kenzie Cameron Using technology to engage students and to promote collaborative learning 2010-2011
Irina Dolinskaya Engaging Teaching in Large Classroom 2010-2011
Hannah  Feldman Keeping Minds (and Eyes) Open When the lights go out:  The introductory survey of contemporary art history and the non-humanist 2010-2011
Robert (Robby)  Findler Using cooperative learning and -in-class demonstrations to illuminate a structure for integrating knowledge 2010-2011
Michael  Jewett Writing about literature in the foreign language curriculum 2010-2011
Emily  Maguire How to Teach Sophomore Engineering Students to Apply Fundamental Knowledge to Unfamiliar Problems 2010-2011
Wendy  Murray Building Knowledge and Skills through Practical Learning:  Interactive Lectures, Practice-Based Assignments, and Collaborative Projects 2010-2011
Ramille  Shah Just-in-time Teaching in Pediatric Residency Training:  Teaching Subspecialty Topics to Generalists 2010-2011
Sonya  Rasminsky Encouraging Critical Thinking through Food History 2010-2011
David Rothstein Teaching Methods of Science through experimental Psycholinguistics 2010-2011
Alice  Weinreb Creating an Energetic Research Environment 2010-2011
Masaya  Yoshida Improving observation and feedback of third year medical students' physical examination skills 2010-2011
Jing  Zheng Preparing students to be innovators through informal service learning experiences:  A Case Study of Design for America 2010-2011
Jennifer Bierman Improving observation and feedback of third year medical students' physical examination skills 2009-2010
Elizabeth Gerber Preparing students to be innovators through informal service learning experiences:  A Case Study of Design for America 2009-2010
Jeremy Gilbert Mastery learning of oral case presentations 2009-2010
Heather Heiman Bioinformatics:  Small class teaching in medical school 2009-2010
Chiang-Ching (Spencer) Huang Studio practice:  facilitating agency in an arts curriculum 2009-2010
Kelly Kaczynski Using Natural and Synthetic Biological Systems to Shift Context and Enhance Learning in Process Dynamics and Control 2009-2010
Joshua Leonard Meeting the expectations 2009-2010
Paul Leonardi Teaching Great Experiments by Listening to Our Learners 2009-2010
Xunrong Luo Audiences:  Using Client-Based Learning to Encourage Practice-Oriented Students to Use Theories to Create 2009-2010
Yongchao Ma Journalism Products 2009-2010
Rachel Mersey An Interactive Advanced Physics Course 2009-2010
Todd Murphey Collaborative Learning in the Classroom 2009-2010
Brian Odom (Re)locating The Borders:  Performance and Pedagogy 2009-2010
Heather Pinkett Development and Assessment of a Palliative Care Curriculum for Hospital Medicine Physicians 2009-2010
Ramon Rivera-Servera Redesigning a Research-Based Course to Bridge Three Science Courses 2009-2010
Eytan Szmuilowicz Development of a Problem-Based, Peer-Led course in Multidisciplinary Science 2009-2010
Yun Wang Introducing students to linguistics:  An evolutionary perspective 2009-2010
Emily Weiss Promoting scientific critical thought with project-based learning 2009-2010
Brady Clark Introducing students to linguistics:  An evolutionary perspective 2008-2009
Matthew Grayson Promoting scientific critical thought with project-based learning 2008-2009
Derk Joester Discovery Labs on Nano-, Bio-, and Energy-related Materials:  Encouraging deep Learning in and Introductory Level Course 2008-2009
Ana Kuzmanic Expanding Student Creativity in an Internet Architectures Course 2008-2009
Evan Mwangi Participatory Deep Learning in a Diverse  Class on Minotrity Literatures 2008-2009
Justin Notestein Realigning Chemical and Biological Engineering 210-Analysis of Chemical Process Systems 2008-2009
Ana Puga Motivating Theatre Students to explore History, Politics, and Culture 2008-2009
Pavani Reddy Revisions to the Internal Medicine Small Group Session:  Case-based teaching in ambulatory subspecialty rotation 2008-2009
Baron Reed Reaching Everyone:  Redesigning a Course for a Wide Diversity of Learners 2008-2009
Steve Reinke Introduction to Time-Based Art 2008-2009
Andrew Roberts Introducing Engagement & Challenge into a Large Lecture Course 2008-2009
Regan Thomson A proposal to encourage "Higher-order Thinking" in the Sophomore Organic Chemistry Lecture 2008-2009
Toshiko Uchida Medical Student Attitudes Regarding the Accuracy and Precision of the Physical examination 2008-2009
Jose Andrade Making Basic Mechanics Courses Inspirational 2007-2008
Sherwin Bryant History matters:  Pedagogical Issues in Teaching an Introductory Course in African American History 2007-2008
Nicholas Davis Small Stephs and Giant Leaps:  Breaking down tasks and measuring Progress in Two Upper-Level courses 2007-2008
Xiaolin He Problem-based learning in macromolecular crystallography 2007-2008
Dean Ho Student-driven innovation through collaborative proposal writing 2007-2008
Raj Kishore Communication skills as a tool for enhanced productivity and academic independence among postdoctoral fellows 2007-2008
Daniel Lee Keeping the Beat:  Improving Fellow Learning in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2007-2008
Yu (Marco) Nie Promoting Active Learning:  Experiments with Interactive Lectures and Multi-Stage Group Projects 2007-2008
Christine Park Training and assessing novice anesthesiology resident competencies using high-fidelity patient simulation 2007-2008
Eric Patrick Teaching Content in media Production Courses:  Conceptual Design 2007-2008
Gangjian Qin Breaking down the Language Barrier for Effective Communications in a Biomedical Research Laboratory 2007-2008
Melissa Simon Utilizing small interdisciplinary groups to effectively teach public healthy principles and practices 2007-2008
Sarah  Sutton Universal HIV Screening in the USA:  How Can We Prepare Young Physicians for Change? 2007-2008
Mitra Hartmann Improving Course "Flow" 2006-2007
Martina Hausner CIV ENG 361:  Environmental Microbiology and Public Health new Design of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2006-2007
Stephanie Kielb Urology Resident Education - Impact of Elective Rotations, competency Implementation and Improvement as Assessed by Graduate Survey 2006-2007
David Klumpp Management Skills for the Life Scientist 2006-2007
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Introducing technology to teaching art and theatrical design 2006-2007
Kate Masur Teaching the U.S. History Survey:  The Problem of Lecturing 2006-2007
Jessica Maye Increasing student motivation to learn acoustic phonetics through small group projects 2006-2007
Seda Memik Enhancing Practical Experience and Motivation for Student Learning in Engineering through Laboratory Projects;  A Case Study on Hardware Design Using Computer Aided Design Tools 2006-2007
Adilson Motter Assessing Student Preparation for Collage Level Literature Courses 2006-2007
Séamas O'Driscoll Teaching the US History Survey:  Problems in a Large, and Diverse, Lecture Course 2006-2007
Susan Pearson Problem Based Learning - From Medical School and Beyond 2006-2007
Adrienne Prestridge Assessing to Align for Learning:  How to Expand and Re-orient Pre-established Understanding of Concepts:  Translation, Exile, Writing 2006-2007
Nasrin Qader Resident Physician Ultrasound examination Skills Development 2006-2007
Daniel (Rob) Rodgers Resident Physician Ultrasound examination Skills Development 2006-2007
Hossein Ardehali Resident Physician Ultrasound examination Skills Development 2005-2006
Janet Barrett Music ED 424-0:  Qualitative Research in Music Education 2005-2006
Bernard Bendok An interactive module for education and assessment in microsurgery for MCA aneurysms 2005-2006
Sumit Dhar Integrative assessment of readiness for clinical practice in audiology 2005-2006
Andrew Dudley Integrative assessment of readiness for clinical practice in audiology 2005-2006
Franz Geiger References to pop culture as ice breakers in Math-heavy classes:  The star wards code mentor:  SonBinh Nguyen 2005-2006
Dongning Guo Redesigning information theory course Searle fellow project critical account 2005-2006
Andrew Jacobson Redesign of geological sciences 101 "The earth revealed" 2005-2006
Noel Koran The development of a program curriculum:  Opera 2005-2006
Douglas Kuperman A grant writing course for graduate students of the biological sciences 2005-2006
Hooman Mohseni Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering 2005-2006
Monica Prasad Sociology 302:  Sociology of Complex Organizations 2005-2006
Jelena Radulovic Up-grade of the course "Neuropharmacology of Brain Disorders" 2005-2006
Alan Sanders Residents' research Methodology Course 2005-2006
Lu Tian Intermediate Biostatistics Courses in the MPH Program 2005-2006
Suzan Van der Lee Problem-based Seismology with a Central Role for a Student-serviced Seismometer 2005-2006
Patrick Wong Retrospective course assessment:  An Illustration form CSD 406 2005-2006
Carlos Abril Bridging theory and practice in a new course on multicultural music education 2004-2005
Sara Ahlgren Scholarly achievement:  A curriculum for the training of the clinician-scientist 2004-2005
Janice Castro Enhancing news and new media 2004-2005
Yan Chen Active learning for engineering education at various levels 2004-2005
Brian Edwards Bringing together research and teaching in the literature classroom 2004-2005
Matthew Goldrick Linguistics 334:  Introduction to computational linguistics 2004-2005
Eldin Karaikovic Motor Skill Workshop in Spinal Surgery for Residents in Orthopedic Surgery 2004-2005
Lincoln Lauhon Mat Sci 380:  Introduction to Surface Science and Spectroscopy 2004-2005
Gokhan Memik Enhancing Practical Experience and Motivation for Student Learning in Engineering through Laboratory Projects;  A Case Study on hardware Design Using Computer Aided Design Tools 2004-2005
Jill Morris Designing a New course on Neurogenetics 2004-2005
Eric Perreault BME 308:  Capstone Course in Biomedical Engineering 2004-2005
Beth Plunkett Efficacy of a High-fidelity Patient Simulator Curriculum in and Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship 2004-2005
Mark Wainwright Teaching neocritical Care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 2004-2005
San Ming Wang Designing a New Course in Genome Science 2004-2005
Michele Weldon Newswriting and Reporting 301 2004-2005
Luis Amaral Networks Analysis of Complex Systems 2003-2004
Fabian Bustamante Distributed Systems 2003-2004
Mercedes Carnethon Designing a new course on the application of epidemiologic methods 2003-2004
Robert Dick ECE 203:  Introduction to Computer Engineering 2003-2004
Pablo Durango-Cohen CIV ENG 304:  System Analysis 2003-2004
Ian Hurd Political Science 342:  International Political Economy 2003-2004
Stefan Kaufmann Linguistics 331:  Formal Foundations of Linguistic Theory 2003-2004
John Keene English 207:  Reading and Writing Fiction 2003-2004
Bobai Li Sociology 325:  Sociology of Inequality 2003-2004
Teri Odom CHEM 445:  Science & Technology at the Nanoscale 2003-2004
Karl Scheidt Enhancing chemistry 210-1:  Seeing is Believing 2003-2004
Karen Smilowitz Supply Chain Management Course 2003-2004
Guillermo Ameer Design of a new Tissue Engineering Course 2002-2003
Greg Beitel BIO 315:  Cell Biology 2002-2003
Francesca Bordogna History 391-20:  American Intellectual history 2002-2003
Mark Israel MGMT 431:  Business Strategy 2002-2003
Jeff Jenkins Introduction to American Government 2002-2003
Scott Lipscomb Music Perception Courses 2002-2003
Roberta Massabo Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002-2003
Mike Mazzeo MGMT 431:  Business Strategy 2002-2003
Susan McReynolds Redesigning 3 Courses:  Freshman Seminar, Humanities Seminar, Lecture Course on Dostoevsky 2002-2003
Joseph Mills Dance 333-0 and Music 335-0:  Dance & Music Studies in Collaboration 2002-2003
Karen Alter Integrating Active Teaching Techniques into a Large Lecture Course on International Ethics 2001-2002
David Brown Facilitation of Scholarly Productivity Using a Writing Workshop 2001-2002
Peter Carroll Gender Studies 390:  Gender, Nation, and Self in 20th c. China 2001-2002
Doris Garraway Freshman Seminar:  Women in Slavery 2001-2002
Sandip Ghosal Design of a new 300 Level Optimization course 2001-2002
Chris Gonzalez Design of a new Course on Presenting Patient Cases 2001-2002
Mark Hersam Materials Science & Engineering 395:  Nanomaterials 2001-2002
Youngsook Huh Instrumental Analyses in Earth Science 2001-2002
Inna Naroditskaya Weddings and Music 2001-2002
Aaron Packman A Capstone Integrated Course for the Environmental Engineering Graduate Program 2001-2002
Neelesh Patankar Mechanical Engineering 373-0:  Engineering Fluid Mechanics 2001-2002
Francis Szele NUIN 482:  Stem Cells:  From the Embryo to Regeneration 2001-2002
Douglas Cleveland 2000-2001
Jon Lomasney 2000-2001
Matthew Parsek 2000-2001
Erik Sontheimer 2000-2001
Patricia Whalen 2000-2001
Linda Austern 1999-2000
Jean Goodwin 1999-2000
John Lynch 1999-2000
Jeffrey Manza 1999-2000
Lyle Massey 1999-2000
Ishwar Radhakrishnan 1999-2000
Raymond Russo 1999-2000
Davide Similli 1999-2000