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Undergraduate Student Lifecycle

The Undergraduate Student Lifecycle Committee is chaired by Jabbar R. Bennett, Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Miriam Gamoran Sherin, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Interim-Vice President for Student Affairs, and is comprised of faculty and staff leaders across the University. The Committee is split into three workgroups that will provide recommendations in late Spring, 2019 for one key priority area: Faculty Engagement, Navigating the University, and Resources: Academic, Co-Curricular, and Community. Each workgroup has engaged students in the course of its discussions and recommendation development.

Committee Members


Committee Co-Leads:

Members at Large:

Workgroup Members

Faculty Engagement Workgroup


Facilitator: Roma Khanna, Senior Director of Organizational Strategy and Change


Navigating the University Workgroup


Facilitator: Aspasia Apostolakis Miller, Director of Organizational Strategy and Change


Resources: Academic, Co-Curricular, and Community Workgroup


Facilitator: Rebecca Pinchuk, Senior Project Administrator of Organizational Strategy and Change