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Provost's Advisory Council on Women Faculty

Launched in fall 2016, the Provost’s Advisory Council on Women Faculty supports our women and women-identified faculty through work on faculty development and leadership, work-life issues and policies, and pipeline advancement, in order to foster gender equity and even greater career success. Comprised of approximately fifty women and men faculty from across the schools, the Council is part of our collective larger focus on improving diversity and inclusion at Northwestern. The Council is committed to:

  1. Learning from and building upon the significant activities of various women faculty groups that are already occurring in schools across the University;
  2. Expanding our programs for building community and highlighting the scholarship of women and women-identified faculty;
  3. Fostering successful career trajectories of women faculty and enhance pipeline programs;
  4. Strengthening leadership training and opportunities; and
  5. Bringing an evidence-based perspective to understanding the experiences of women faculty at Northwestern, and utilizing recent scholarship on women and gender in academia to guide our work.

The Council created three working groups in spring 2016. They are as follows:

  1. Faculty Development and Leadership, Chair, Mercedes Carnethon, Associate Professor, Feinberg: The committee conducted interviews in summer 2017, to learn what skills are essential to women leaders on campus and what programs/training/experiences helped them to develop these skills, with the goal to recommend implementing or expanding programs/training.
  2. Pipeline Advancement, Chair, Amy Paller, Professor and Chair, Feinberg: The group’s focus is on advancement of women faculty from hiring to tenure and beyond. One subcommittee is writing a recommendation regarding instituting a university-wide exit interview process. A second subcommittee will conduct focus groups/interviews to investigate the advancement of assistant professors to tenure (and to a lesser extent, to full professor) in various schools and departments. The Office of Change Management is assisting the focus groups subcommittee.
  3. Work Life, Chair, Sandy Waxman, Professor, WCAS: They have gathered information on current NU policies and programs and those at peer institutions. They will design a survey/study of faculty and leaders to determine current implementation and communication around the policies, as well as to ask what problems faculty encounter around family/life issues and whether we have policies that address these issues. The goal is to make recommendations around changes in policies or in implementing/communicating current policies. They have formed two subcommittees. A Communications Subcommittee is examining how our current policies and programs are communicated, with an emphasis on websites, and will meet with the Office of Work-life. A second subcommittee on survey/interviews will work with the Office of Change Management to design a study on faculty’s experiences with work life policies, implementation, and issues.

Learn more about the various activities and programs related to the Council's work.

Council Members

  • Jabbar R. Bennett (co-chair), Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer; Associate Professor of Medicine, FSM
  • Lindsay Chase-Lansdale (co-chair), Associate Provost for Faculty; Frances Willard Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, SESP
  • Estella Alonso, Professor, Pediatrics and Medical Social Sciences, FSM
  • Karen Alter, Professor, Political Science, WCAS; Co-Chair, Organization of Women Faculty
  • Luis Amaral, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, McCormick
  • Yarrow Axford, Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences, WCAS
  • Ann Bradlow, Professor, Linguistics, and Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives, WCAS
  • Linda Broadbelt, the Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Associate Dean for Research, McCormick
  • Mercedes Carnethon, Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine, FSM
  • Lawrence Christiano, the Alfred W. Chase Professor of Business Institutions and Chair, Economics, WCAS
  • Susan Cohn, Professor of Medicine, FSM; Chair, FSM Women Faculty Organization
  • Heather Colburn, Associate Professor of Instruction, Spanish and Portuguese, WCAS; Co-Chair, Organization of Women Faculty
  • Charlotte Crane, Professor, Pritzker Law
  • John Csernansky, the Lizzie Gilman Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Chair, FSM
  • Grace Dodier, Associate Clinical Professor, Pritzker Law
  • Alice Eagly, Professor, Psychology, WCAS
  • Linda Ehrlich-Jones, Research Associate Professor, Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, FSM; past-Co-Chair, FSM Women Faculty Organization
  • Caitlin Fitz, Assistant Professor, History, WCAS
  • Danna Freedman, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, WCAS
  • Francesca Gaiba, Research Associate Professor, Medical Social Sciences, FSM
  • Henry Godinez, Professor, Theatre, SoC
  • Jon Guryan, Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, SESP
  • Robert Hariman, Professor, Communication Studies, SoC; President of the Faculty Senate
  • Larry Hedges, the Board of Trustees Professor and Chair, Statistics, WCAS
  • Maud Hickey, Associate Professor, Music Education, Bienen
  • Namratha Kandula, Associate Professor, Medicine, FSM
  • Bryna Kra, Professor, Mathematics, WCAS
  • Kevin Lynch, Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering, McCormick
  • Rick McGee, Professor, Medical Education and Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Professional Development, FSM
  • Rachel Davis Mersey, Associate Professor, Journalism, Medill
  • Sara Monoson, Professor and Chair, Political Science, WCAS
  • Sekile Nzinga-Johnson, Director, Women’s Center
  • Amy Paller, the Walter J. Hamlin Professor of Dermatology and Chair, FSM
  • Destiny Peery, Assistant Professor, Pritzker Law
  • Susan Quaggin, the Charles H. Mayo Professor of Medicine, FSM
  • Lauren Rivera, Associate Professor, Management and Organizations, Kellogg
  • Monica Russel y Rodriguez, Senior Lecturer, Latino Studies and Anthropology, Associate Dean, WCAS
  • Babette Sanders, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, FSM
  • Paola Sapienza, the Donald C. Clark/HSBC Professor of Consumer Finance, Kellogg
  • Michelle Shumate, Professor, Communication Studies, SoC
  • Karen Smilowitz, Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, McCormick
  • Teresa Sommer, Research Associate Professor, Institute for Policy Research
  • Sara Sood, Clinical Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, McCormick
  • Farzaneh Sorond, Professor, Neurology, FSM
  • Larry Stuelpnagel, Assistant Professor, Journalism, Medill
  • Cristina Traina, Professor, Religious Studies, WCAS
  • Deborah Tuerkheimer, Professor, Pritzker Law
  • Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Associate Professor, African American Studies and Sociology, WCAS
  • Sandra Waxman, Professor, Psychology, WCAS
  • Diane Wayne, the Dr. John Sherman Appleman Professor of Medical Education, Vice Dean for Education, FSM
  • Michelle Weinberger, Associate Professor, Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill
  • Teresa Woodruff, the Thomas J. Watkins Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Dean, The Graduate School
  • Jindan Yu, Associate Professor, Medicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, FSM; Former Chair, FSM Women Faculty Organization
  • Kimberly Yuracko, the Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Professor of Law, Pritzker; Co-Chair, Organization of Women Faculty