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Amazon Account Setup Procedures for Corporate Card Users

As of February 1, 2015, the Illinois Department of Revenue requires internet retailers to collect sales tax on sales to Illinois residents and businesses.  In accordance with this requirement, Amazon has started charging tax on sales shipped to Illinois.

Northwestern University is a private, not for profit, coeducational institution that is exempt from sales tax.  In order to make tax exempt purchases from Amazon you must have an Amazon account that is for university purchases only.  This account must be registered under the Northwestern University business account.  You must contact the Corporate Card office who will then send you an invitation to register your account.

You are not required to have an Amazon business account if you do not make purchases from Amazon on behalf of Northwestern University.  However, if you intend to use Amazon to make business purchases review the scenarios below and choose the one that describes your current status in regards to Amazon and follow the link to the instructions for setting up your Amazon business account for use with your Corporate Card: 

  1. You have no current Amazon account, either business or personal.
  2. You have an account that you use exclusively for NU business, no personal use.
  3. You have a personal Amazon account using your NU email address, no business use.
  4. You have an Amazon account using your NU email address that you use for personal and business purchases.
  5. You have an Amazon account using your personal email address that you use for personal and business purchases.

It is the policy of Northwestern University not to pay for buying memberships, including Amazon Prime.  If you currently have a personal account with Amazon Prime your Prime membership will stay with your personal account.  Prime members are allowed to share their membership with 4 accounts.  You may choose to share your Prime membership with your business account.

Some purchases made through Amazon are from third parties selling through a division of Amazon called Amazon Marketplace.  These purchases are not covered by the tax exempt status at Amazon.  If you make a purchase through Amazon Marketplace you will need to supply a single use tax exemption certificate to the vendor.