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Commitment to Sustainability

Northwestern considers environmental impact in purchasing decisions, when appropriate. Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) will consider the use of products and services with less environmental impact than competing products when it is a good best-value decision to do so (based on a thorough total-cost-of-ownership analysis). When establishing contracts and agreements on behalf of the University, PPS considers the initial price as well as the factors listed below. Northwestern also encourages departments/schools to consider the use of products and services that impact the environment less than competing products, when it is a good best value decision to do so.

A good best value decision based on a thorough total cost of ownership analysis considers the initial cost of the item as well as factors such as:

View the Sustainability Glossary of Terms.

For sustainability information about specific Preferred Vendors, view the "Sustainability Info" column on the Preferred Vendor List. Click on the vendor name to see detailed information on the Vendor Profile.