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New on Campus

Today is my first day as president of Northwestern. I feel a little bit like an incoming student, just starting to learn my way around a wonderful, exciting – and occasionally intimidating – new place. I’ll be all over the Evanston and Chicago campuses during the next few months, so if you see someone looking lost in Levy Mayer or stopping at the Starbucks in Norris, that may be me, so please say hello.

I’ve had the benefit of President Emeritus Henry Bienen’s wise counsel during this transition in leadership. President Bienen led this University with remarkable success, and I’m honored that he has passed the baton to me.

I’ve been meeting with Northwestern’s academic and administrative leaders and will continue to do so in the next few months. Northwestern is indeed a complex institution, and I’m learning my way around, both organizationally and physically. In my listening and learning tour, I’ll be meeting with the students, faculty and staff who make Northwestern such an interesting and dynamic institution. There are some all-University events planned as part of the inauguration activities in early October, so I hope to see many of you then, if not before.

I’m thrilled to be Northwestern’s new president. My wife, Mimi, and our youngest daughter, Rachel, have moved with me to Evanston, and we absolutely love it here. We are exploring the campuses and communities of both Evanston and Chicago (Doha will probably have to wait a little longer) and we will have students, faculty and staff over to our house once school starts. In the meantime, I hope to get a chance to chat with many of you as I learn more about this great University. See you on campus!