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Anabel Mendoza

Anabel Mendoza '20

Journalism & Latinx Studies

Nicholas Liou

Nicholas Liou '20

Art History & Learning Sciences

Dante Gilmer

Dante Gilmer '19

African American Studies & Asian American Studies

Jennah Thompson-Vasquez

Jennah Thompson-Vasquez '19

Anthropology & Latino/Latina Studies

Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez '19

English Literature & French

Mattlyn Cordova

Mattlyn Cordova '19

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Sayeed Sanchez Johnson

Sayeed Sanchez Johnson '19

African American Studies & English

Kathleen Nganga

Kathleen Nganga '18

Political Science

Paul Salamanca

Paul Salamanca '18

Sociology & Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences

Ann Ho

Ann Ho '17

English & Slavic Literatures and Languages

Fatima Gomez

Fatima Gomez '17

Latina/o Studies and Creative Writing (Poetry)

Gustavo Berrizbeitia

Gustavo Berrizbeitia '17

Political Science and Philosophy

Rachel D'Amato

Rachel D'Amato '17

English Literature

Rocio Mendez-Rozo

Rocio Mendez-Rozo '17

English and Latino Studies

Ariana Steele '16

Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Cinthya Rodriguez '16

Latina/o Studies

Hazim Abdullah-Smith '16

African American Studies and Ethnic Studies

Aozora Brockman '15

Creative Writing (poetry)

Christian Keeve '15

Environmental Science

Sarah Bridgewaters '15

African American Studies

Zaynab Quadri '15

History (American history)

Amrit Trewn '14

Critical Theory, African American Studies, and Statistics

Kristian Ayala '14

English Literature

Liz Pinedo '14

Anthropology and Sociology

Serena Walker '14

Social Policy and Ethnic Studies

Hyungjoo Han '13

Legal Studies and American Studies

Jasmine Jennings '13

Art History and International Studies

Kevin Echavarria '13

Comparative Literary Studies

Kira Hooks '13

Art History and Radio, Television, & Film

Isabella Villa '12

Afro-Colombian Studies

Jonathan Young '12

Legal & Communication Studies

Kellyn Lewis '12

African American Studies and Philosophy

Myrtie Williams '12

African American Studies and Philosophy

Dana Nickson '11

African American Studies

Judith Landeros '11

Social Policy and Latino/a Studies

Veronica Morales '11

English Literature