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Rafael R Vizcaino '13

Rafael Vizcaíno graduated with a major in Philosophy with minors in Critical Theory and Latin American History. A Posner Fellow and a Leopold Fellow, Rafael was encouraged to apply to the MMUF program by Geraldo Cadava. As a Mellon Mays Fellow, Rafael studied the work of Karl Marx and Michel Foucault under the mentorship of Charles W. Mills and Penelope Deutscher. Rafael also established the Critical Theory Research Workshop and wrote an honors thesis (supervised by Mark Alznauer) on Jürgen Habermas's theory of deliberative democracy. In 2014 Rafael started his PhD in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, where he mainly works on Caribbean and Latin American critical thought and cultural studies. Since then, Rafael has published a review of Glen Coulthard’s book “Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition,” as well as presented graduate research at SUNY-Albany, the University of Victoria, the University of Oregon, Villanova University, as well as at the Caribbean Philosophical Association. Rafael also co-organized the 2016 Comparative Literature’s biennial graduate conference, titled “Urban (De)Coloniality and Literature,” and more recently has won the Erna Neuse Prize awarded to the year’s best graduate essay in German studies at Rutgers.