Email Accounts

How can I activate my Northwestern e-mail account?

If you haven't activated your account yet, please go here to get started with the e-mail, IM, calendar, docs, spreadsheets, and presentations collaboration suite. If you've already set up your account, visit and bookmark to log in with your NetID and NetID password.

With, you'll be able to collaborate with other students and manage e-mail, schedules, documents, and more. Keep in mind that the e-mail Northwestern sends to your account is considered official communication, and you're expected to stay on top of it. Whenever you have a question about e-mail, go to our Northwestern IT website or email the NUIT Support Center.

How do I check e-mail?

You can access your student email by going to

What if I forget my e-mail password?
If you need to reset your password (or even change the email graduation year), find more info on how to do that on the Northwestern IT website.
Do I have to use my Northwestern e-mail account? I already have an existing address.

Northwestern University's official policy, University E-mail Notifications To Students, states that your Northwestern e-mail account, "is a valid mechanism for official communication with students at Northwestern University. The university has the right to send official communications to students by e-mail. The university has the right to expect that students will receive e-mail and will read e-mail [sent to their Northwestern account] in a timely fashion."


Additional computing policies can be found on Northwestern University Information Technology's website.