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Cubs' Chris Moore talks baseball

With a Ph.D from Princeton -- in neuroscience -- Cubs' director of research and development Chris Moore exemplifies how the composition of baseball front offices has changed in the so-called Moneyball era. In conversation with Economics professor Jeff Ely, Moore delved into his job with the 2016 World Series Champion Cubs and how he sees the sport moving forward as advanced statistics are used by all teams, not just the smartest ones.

Read the article from The Daily Northwestern here.

One Book shows how to go beyond the book

One Book One Northwestern focuses on one particular book each year, and while that book serves as the starting point for all of our events, it doesn't -- and shouldn't -- limit the lessons to be taken from the many programs we host. From interesting lectures to workshops to competitions (you missed out if you didn't participate in the Puzzle Hunt), One Book helped truly bring Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise to life.

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Amanda Cox talks data visualization and the news

New York Times editor Amanda Cox spoke on Thursday in Harris Hall about how news graphics have changed from simply illustrations or charts and graphs to fully interactive projects that really make news come to life for readers. She went over examples from sports, politics and even space travel -- as well as the intersections between various topics covered by the Times -- to show how diversified data visualization can be.

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One Book hosts climate change panel

WGN-TV meteorologist Tom Skilling, scientist Don Wuebbles and former City of Chicago chief sustainability Karen Weigert spoke on the Evanston campus on Thursday night about the varied subject areas in which climate change can be monitored. Skilling spoke about weather, Wuebbles discussed the science of climate change and Weigert talked about public policy implementations. Professor Daniel Horton hosted the panel discussion.

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‘Our Declaration’ selected as new One Book

Danielle Allen's book, "Our Declaration," is a thorough reading of the Declaration of Independence from a modern perspective and will be the new book to be sent to all incoming students for the 2017-18 school year. Allen will also come to campus on October 19th, 2017, to deliver a keynote lecture.

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How do we adapt to a changing climate? Eric Klinenberg lays out what we've done wrong, and ways to improve

Eric Klinenberg, a professor and well-known public sociologist, gave a riveting talk to around 100 people on Thursday evening in the Segal Visitors Center which focused on how cities need to develop better ways to deal with climate-related problems, such as storms and heat waves. Klinenberg literally wrote the book on the 1995 Chicago heat wave and has done a lot of research into other events, like Hurricane Sandy, and their effects on cities, which have often been worsened by inadequate planning and predictions.

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Samantha Bee riffs on current political climate in talk

The star of TBS' late-night show Full Frontal, Samantha Bee spoke at Cahn Auditorium to a packed house about politics, feminism, and how to "resist" in the age of President Donald Trump. In an event co-sponsored by One Book, A&O Productions and College Democrats, Bee spoke in conversation with journalist Rebecca Traister (Weinberg '97) on a variety of topics, and noted her apprehension at some of Trump's policies but was optimistic about the rise of civilian activism in the political and social arenas.

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Religion and politics scholar to speak at Northwestern

Robert P. Jones is the founder and CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute and his work analyzes the effects of religion on politics and cultural shifts in the United States. On Tuesday, February 28th, he'll be at Northwestern to give a talk about his book, "The End of White Christian America." The event is sponsored by the NU Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

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Does swiping right actually work?

In his talk about the effectiveness of online dating websites and apps, such as Tinder, Professor Eli Finkel mentioned that chemistry is the most reliable indicator for long-term romantic success. He even went as far as saying that these new ways for people to meet each other actually do a pretty good job at making these types of predictions.

Watch the news report from Northwestern News Network here.

How did the polls go wrong with the 2016 election?

Professors from Medill and the School of Professional Studies, as well as a CNN contributor, talked about the unpredictable presidential election via an online discussion.

Read the full transcript of the discussion here.

Prof. Yarrow Axford speaks about climate change

Climate science may face a tenuous future in the United States, but assistant professor Yarrow Axford's spotlight talk about her work, in relation to The Signal and the Noise, underscored how important it is for our planet's future.

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Vice News Tonight's Allison McCann speaks at NU

Formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek and Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight, Allison McCann -- now creating graphics and reporting stories for HBO's Vice News Tonight -- discussed her job and talked all things data visualization in an interesting and informative presentation.

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Student civic engagement at Northwestern increases

Among other voting initiatives, including One Book's NUPredicts, Northwestern set a new record by registering 96 percent of incoming students to vote through NUVotes.

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NU News Covers NUpredicts: The Election

Northwestern registered a record 96% of elegible incoming students to vote this year, and now is asking all students, staff, faculty and other Northwestern community members to make predictions about the election with One Book's NUpredicts online game.

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One Book One Northwestern author Nate Silver draws sold-out crowd

The author and journalist filled seats at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall and off-site locations as he spoke about predictions varying from the Cubs' World Series chances to this year's interesting election.

Read more about Silver's talk on Northwestern's website.

Nate Silver on why FiveThirtyEight forecasts a Clinton win

Nate Silver joined WBEZ's Tony Sarabia to discuss how his site handles political polling data and how this year's election has radically changed how some view polls.

Read more about Silver's prediction on and listen to his interview.

Signal vs. Noise Puzzle Hunt: The Wrap-Up

Thank you all for joining us for a beautiful day of puzzling!  We had over 120 people on 31 teams exploring campus and solving puzzles. You all worked really hard and did a great job!

But there can be only one victor! Congratulations to team Bobby Tables for finishing with the top score! Thanks to Sandor, from The Mystery League, who designed the hunt.

Nate Silver predicts the Cubs to not win the World Series

Nate Silver, at his One Book keynote on Thursday evening in Pick-Staiger Auditorium, said that the Cubs are the MLB's best team but doesn't expect them to win it all for the first time since 1908.

Read more about Silver's talk in the Pioneer Press.

'The Signal and the Noise' selected for 2016-17 One Book Program

Nate Silver’s breezy, best-selling treatise explains the uncertainty of prediction.

Learn more about the book and author.

The G.O.P.'s Nate Silver Predicts a 2016 Death Match

Renowned pollster Frank Luntz explains the Trump phenomenon, reflects on a cycle marred by inaccurate polling, and warns of a general election that makes U.F.C. look tame.

Read more about the issues faced by pollsters this election cycle.