How To Sublet

Download the "How to Sublet" PDF

Know the Terms of Your Lease

  • Does your lease have specific provisions regarding subletting?
  • Do you need your landlord’s approval of potential subletters?
  • Are you subject to subletting fees?
  • Can your subletter(s) pay rent directly to the landlord, or will checks still have to be from you? Remember that you are still responsible for rent!

Find a Subletter

  • Visit Places4Students to post a FREE online sublet listing for the NU community
  • Use social media and your personal network
  • Consider potential subletters carefully. Pick someone who will respect your space
  • If you are only subletting your space of a shared unit, discuss the situation with your current roommate(s) and consider their input
  • Introduce a potential subletter to your roommate(s) before the arrangement is finalized


  • Provide a means of contact for your subletter. Consider the best method of communication, especially if you will be abroad
  • Frequent communication is the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Stay in contact with everyone involved in the arrangement.
  • Let your subletter know what you want done with your mail when you are gone
  • Never be afraid to reach out! NU Off-Campus Life has many helpful resources

Set Clear Expectations

  • Remember you are still ultimately responsible for the unit
  • Establish parameters for respectful use of your personal space
  • Set clear procedures for things such as moving in/out, paying rent and utilities, and maintenance

Finalize The Details

  • Make sure that you and your subletter understand exactly when the arrangement starts and ends. Use the Sample Sublet Agreement as a guide
  • Agree on which expenses your subletter will be responsible for (all or a portion of the rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Some subletting arrangements include furniture and personal items; if you do this, be clear about which items are included and which are not