Northwestern Staff Advisory Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may contribute to NU Cares?
NU Cares welcomes contributions from any Northwestern University employee. Contributions may be made by payroll deduction, cash, or personal check. If you elect payroll deduction, the amount must be at least $1.

Must I contribute in order to be eligible to apply for assistance?
No. As long as you meet the criteria stated on the application form, you are eligible to apply.

May I deduct my contribution to NU Cares on my income tax form?
No. Gifts to NU Cares are not tax deductible.

May contributions from faculty be used to assist staff and vice versa?
Yes. All contributions — regardless of their source — are used for one purpose: to provide assistance to eligible employees who meet the criteria. Funds are never earmarked for specific persons or groups. The University may not use NU Cares monies for any purpose other than employee assistance.

Is the money I receive from NU Cares taxable? If so, who pays?
Yes. The recipient of an NU Cares award is solely responsible for paying all applicable taxes.

If I apply for NU Cares assistance, who will know?
Your identity will be known only to the Director of the Work/Life Resources Office and the Human Resources employee(s) responsible for verifying your employment status and financial information. If you secure the signature of your supervisor or department chair, he or she will also know. Otherwise, your identity and the information contained in your NU Cares application are kept confidential.

Who serves on the NU Cares application review committee?
The 15-member volunteer committee consists of members of NUSAC, selected HR-Work/Life staff members, faculty members, and non-HR staff members. Each member serves on the committee for two or three years. Their status as committee members is not made public.

Must recipients provide a written record of how they spend NU Cares assistance?

Must recipients repay NU Cares grant?
No, but recipients may opt to do so.

May I apply for NU Cares assistance on the behalf of a fellow employee?
No. If you believe that a fellow employee might qualify for NU Cares support, please direct him or her to go to the Work/Life Resources Office or the NUSAC web site.

May I reapply for NU Cares assistance if my earlier application was turned down?

May past recipients reapply?
No. At this time, NU Cares provides one-time assistance; previous recipients are ineligible to reapply.

Is any portion of the fund used to pay for administrative costs?
Yes. There is a small administrative fee ($45.75) assessed to each award.