Northwestern Staff Advisory Council

Apply for NU Cares Assistance

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The employee must be an active full- or part-time faculty or staff member who is eligible for Northwestern University healthcare benefits.
  2. The employee must be in good standing with the University.
  3. The employee must be able to prove the severe, temporary, and unforeseen nature of the financial hardship.

Application Process

Submit this application in person or by campus mail to the Office of Work/Life Resources, 720 University Place, #106, Evanston campus. Applications may also be submitted by email or fax, as indicated on the form. The Office of Work/Life Resources will remove all identifying data to ensure confidentiality during the review process and notify the employee if additional documentation is required. The financial documentation will be verified by Human Resources.

The application is reviewed by members of a committee consisting of representatives from the Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council, Human Resources, and staff and faculty at large. If multiple requests are pending at one time, the committee will respond to them by severity of need.

Decisions will be made within 10 business days. In case of dire emergency, the committee will attempt to expedite a decision, but at least five business days are required to disburse funds. Human Resources will send the applicant an e-mail notification of the committee's decision; a hard-copy letter will follow. The decision is final.

Human Resources may also refer the applicant to other resources, such as NU Life Matters. (username: northwestern, password: eap)  To contact NU Life Matters, call 855-547-1851.

If the application is approved, funds will be disbursed via the same means as the employee's normal payroll disbursement (direct deposit or pay card).