Northwestern Staff Advisory Council


Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council members are appointed for a three-year term. They may be reappointed for a second and final three-year term. After one term off the Council, they may apply to re-join the Council, but they cannot serve more than two terms in a row.

2017-2018 NUSAC Executive Committee

Rhea Banks - NUSAC Chair
Pam Euring - NUSAC Vice Chair
Avni Soni - NUSAC Secretary
Kevin Connolly - NUSAC Treasurer

2017-2018 NUSAC General Council

Rhea Banks
Erika Carey
Kevin Connolly
  • Kevin Connolly
  • NUSAC Treasurer
  • Administrative Director, Institute for Public Health and Medicine - Feinberg School of Medicine
Kimberley Cornwell
  • Kimberley Cornwell
  • Assistant Director of External Programs, Internships, & Career Services (EPICS) - School of Communication
Nate Daigle
Pamela Euring
  • Pamela Euring
  • NUSAC Vice Chair
  • Senior Contract and Grant Officer, Office for Sponsored Research
Janelle Gaudio
Amy Hauenstein
Jeff Henderson
  • Jeff Henderson
  • Communications Committee Co-Chair
  • Associate Director, Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) - Office for Research
Julia Jenkins
Erin Libby
Amy Lindgren
Michael Martinez
Yael Mayer
Brianna Mello
Melanie Mkrdichian
  • Melanie Mkrdichian
  • Communications Committee Co-Chair
  • Associate Department Administrator 5, Surgery - Feinberg School of Medicine
Toni Montgomery
Melissa Passalacqua
Joseph Schafer
Jennifer Sloane
Avni Soni
Damien Trimuel
  • Damien Trimuel
  • Senior Financial Administrator, Surgery, Clinical Trials Unit - Feinberg School of Medicine
Kay West
Alison Wilder
Jane Wuellner