Northwestern Staff Advisory Council


Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee works directly with the Director of the Benefits Division, the Director of the Office of Work/Life Resources and the Vice President of Human Resources, conveying staff suggestions and concerns related to benefits elections, policies, and procedures, and responding to staff regarding these issues. NUSAC provides 5-6 committee members to the NU Cares application review committee. The Chair of the Benefits Committee works with the Office of Work/Life Resources to administer NU Cares.

Communications Committee

A key component of NUSAC’s mission involves exchanging information with staff on relevant issues. The Communications Committee is responsible for organizing all public relations and media for NUSAC. From creating the quarterly newsletters to updating the web site, the Communications Committee helps maintain NUSAC’s positive image at the University.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee works directly with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources to discuss policies and procedures, provide feedback, and communicate staff concerns related to matters overseen by Human Resources. The Associate Vice President, in turn, reports to the Committee on pending matters of staff interest and solicits input from NUSAC on Human Resource issues and related matters.

Outreach Committee

In 2009, the Outreach Committee was adopted as a permanent subcommittee of NUSAC. The committee originated from the philanthropic goals of the NUSAC Gives Back ad hoc committee along with the desire to engage and collaborate with other Northwestern University staff, faculty, and student organizations in accomplishing common goals.