Red Watch Band Training

Red Watch Band training materials and certification bracelets

RWB trainers with a classroom showing the effects of alcohol

Red Watch Band Training

Health Promotion & Wellness (HPAW) offers Northwestern students the opportunity to participate in Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training. Originally developed by Stony Brook University and implemented at NU in 2010, this two hour training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and intervene effectively in an alcohol-related medical emergency. Join the nearly 3,500 Northwestern students who have completed Red Watch Band training!

Training Curriculum

Red Watch Band consists of knowledge and skills training on:

  • Addressing barriers to intervention
  • The progressive effects of alcohol on the body
  • The outward or behavioral signs of alcohol overdose
  • Strategies for intervention with a person who needs medical attention due to alcohol overdose
  • Strategies for intervention with a person who is highly intoxicated but not in need of medical attention
  • Review of the Northwestern Amnesty through Responsible Action
  • Small group discussions to apply skills to different scenarios

Each training workshop runs 90 minutes and is provided at no charge to Northwestern students. Trainings will accommodate a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 students in order to promote dialogue and ensure a timely conclusion to this two hour training.