Safe Walk on the NUhelp App

Notify a friend to make sure you reach your destination safely.

Enter your destination, your estimated travel time and cancel the app when you have arrived at your destination safely.

Important Notes about SafeWalk

  • The SafeWalk feature of the NUhelp app is available to students, staff and faculty who use their Northwestern University NetID login credentials.
  • To successfully use the SafeWalk feature, your location finder must be turned on inside your phone’s software.
  • When SafeWalk user cannot be contacted and the friend calls NUPD, the police will initiate their protocol which includes tracking the phone’s travel-pathway and attempting to call the SafeWalk user. If unsuccessful, NUPD will deploy an officer to the tracking location to assess.
  • The SafeWalk feature works in Evanston on the Northwestern Campus and adjacent areas nearby where NUPD has patrol jurisdiction (roughly Lake St. to the south, Green Bay Rd. to the west and Isabella St. to the north).
  • Here is additional disclaimer information and the privacy policy link of the NUhelp app.