Res Hall Neighborhood Desks

Res Hall Neighborhood Desks have 24/7 staffing available as well as Campus Safety Officers on staff. Please contact these numbers if you are nearby one of the res halls and need some support.

560 Lincoln Neighborhood Desk:

(847) 467-5802

Covers: 2303 Sheridan, 560 Lincoln, Ayers, Bobb, Elder, Goodrich, Kemper, Lindgren, McCulloch, Sargent, Slivka

Allison Neighborhood Desk:

(847) 467-5800

Covers: 1835 Hinman, Allison, Chapin, East Fairchild, Jones, Public Affairs (PARC), Shepard, West Fairchild, Willard

Foster-Walker Neighborhood Desk:

(847) 467-5801

Covers: 626 Emerson, 630 Emerson (Hobart House), 720 Emerson (SAI), 1856 Orrington, Foster-Walker, North Mid-Quads, Rogers House, Seabury, South Mid-Quads