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Outdoor POP Working Group

The Outdoor Pre-Orientation Program Working Group will use a data-driven approach to review the current program along with best practices. The Working Group will determine a program model that aligns with the New Student and Family Programs Guidelines for a Pre-Orientation Program so as to provide a preeminent outdoor pre-orientation program experience. Recommendations will be presented to New Student and Family Programs (NSFP) and the Dean of Students.

Working Group Members

The size of the Working Group is projected to be 10 members. The makeup of the group is expected to include five to six (5-6) current undergraduate students, one (1) staff member from NSFP, and two to three (2-3) additional staff/faculty members.

NSFP will provide an opportunity for interested students to self-nominate themselves for the Working Group in November 2018. If more students express interest than positions available, NSFP will be responsible for selecting and appointing the students.


The Working Group will be convened starting January 2019 and will meet twice per month during the academic year. The summer months will include one remote meeting per month. Please note this is a suggested meeting schedule; the group will determine if a different schedule is required.

NSFP and the Dean of Students will be available throughout the process for questions and consult. It is suggested a check-in occurs at the end of winter quarter to help provide additional insight, if needed.

The Working Group is asked to submit a preliminary recommendation by June 14, 2019. NSFP and the Dean of Students are responsible for reviewing the recommendation and providing the Working Group with feedback for any additional considerations. This step is meant to provide feedback ahead of the final recommendation submission.