XO Call

Financial Support

The 4-year NROTC scholarship covers the full cost of tuition at Northwestern University or Loyola University Chicago, plus a monthly stipend for personal expenses. Other options exist in the form of 2-year scholarships and financial aid. Our unit enjoys the generous financial support of our alumni, who often contribute thousands of dollars in financial aid to deserving midshipmen. 

Career Options

The ultimate benefit of being a part of NROTC at Northwestern University is the opportunity to be commissioned in the United States Navy or Marine Corps. Your choice will take you to different places (training locales, home ports, and liberty calls) and allow you to serve in one of the communities vital to our nation's defense. You will be part of the greatest Navy/Marine Corps team in the world.


Benevolence and mentorship are the hallmarks of exceptional military organizations. Outstanding military leaders find ways to create the conditions necessary for their subordinates to succeed rather than demanding success from their subordinates. All of us at Northwestern NROTC are responsible for supporting our students and future naval officers with the best possible counsel and available resources to ensure they develop the academic, moral, and social skills necessary for a lifetime of success.

Student Life

Our students (known as "midshipmen") are full-time students at Northwestern University or Loyola University Chicago preparing to become officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. They enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of other college students with the added advantage of belonging to our organization. Many midshipmen hold positions of leadership in multiple on-campus activities including Greek life, intramural sports, social outlets, and academic clubs. The unit frequently participates in community service activities both on campus and in the cities of Evanston and Chicago.


Just minutes from downtown Chicago and Evanston, our midshipmen enjoy the advantages of going to school in an exciting community. Check out the official city websites for Chicago and Evanston to view upcoming events while you're in town.