Student Affairs Marketing

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Student affairs Website on a laptop

Student Affairs Marketing works to tell the story of Student Affairs to the entire Northwestern community. Student Affairs Marketing (SAM) began in late 2012 when the Division of Student Affairs identified a need for professional graphic design. The division then approached Norris Marketing in an effort to create a marketing department that fit the needs of both Student Affairs and Norris.

Then, what was once a tiny, cramped office became a clean, white design space. SAM began as seven student staff members and one professional staff member. It now has a staff of almost 20 with four full-time professional staff.

SAM staff members develop, implement, and assess integrated marketing communication plans to communicate the events, opportunities, and promotions of over 20 departments within the division. In just a short time, SAM has doubled its capacity each year. It has grown to encompass more departments and helps strengthen the Student Affairs brand through various campaigns.

SAM is a great place to work for students. It offers opportunities to learn about marketing, advertising, social media, photography, videography, web content and so much more. It is a great place to gain experience and we have many graduates who are working for top ad companies in the country. If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities at SAM check out our job postings and check back often!