Virtual Events

Virtual Event

Norris Event Management is excited to share that we are now supporting virtual events.

For interactive meetings and smaller events using Zoom Meetings or Webex, consider hiring a Technical Specialist from Norris Technical Services.

For larger events and webinars, Norris has purchased a license for Zoom Webinar, to host events up to 3000 participants.  In addition to many of the features available in Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinar offers the following capabilities:

  • Guest Pre-Registration
  • Customized registration page, with logo
  • Automated Reminder Emails
  • Automated Post-Event Emails
  • Embed a survey when an event ends
  • Q&A, with answers live or via text. Participants can vote up questions if enabled.
  • For a detailed comparison go to Zoom Meeting & Webinar Feature Comparison

Additionally, Tech Services can provide the following services:

  • Event consultation, walk through of setup and schedule of event
  • Pre-event walk through with panelists, prior to event start
  • Hosting pre-event static slide or rotating slideshow
  • Pre-event background music
  • Moderation of Q&A, whether live or via chat
  • Moderation of polls
  • Muting microphones when necessary, to avoid background noise
  • Recordings, delivered after the event
  • Event report analytics, delivered after the event
  • 1 to 1 attendee support, via individual chat
Student Group Department Sponsored
Tech Specialist Only $35/hour $45/hour $70/hour
Webinar with Technician $60/hour $100/hour $200/hour

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In order for you to receive the best support please make your reservation 10 business days in advance.