Advanced Scheduling

Apply for your next event!

Apply for your next event!

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You can complete your application for advanced scheduling here!


Schedule 2018 - 2019

Below is the schedule for Advanced Scheduling for the 2018-2019 academic year here in Norris and the Satellite locations:

Fall Quarter 2018 (9/1/18 – 12/20/18)

  • Space is now open to be scheduled!

Winter Quarter 2019 (1/2/19 – 3/31/19)

  • Space is now open to be scheduled!

Spring Quarter 2019 (4/1/19 – 6/23/19)

  • Advanced Scheduling: Opens up April 30, 2018 – Closes May 11, 2018; Decisions made by May 25
  • Student Org & Department Meeting Space: Opens up June 1st at 8:30am

Summer Quarter 2019 (6/24/19 – 8/31/19)

  • Requests for summer are on a first come/first served basis. The summer book will open on August 1, 2018. No email will be sent out. Please feel free to contact the Norris Event Management office on the above date to request space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Scheduling?

  • Advanced Scheduling is a reservation process which allows University events to request priority scheduling for venues managed by Norris Event Management. On the above dates university student organizations and departments are sent an email inviting them to submit their events to be considered for priority scheduling for that specific quarter.

Which events are eligible for Advanced Scheduling?

  • Any event may be submitted for consideration. The Norris Center Advisory Board has final approval of all events. Types of events that are likely to receive positive consideration include those that support the University or Norris Center mission, are open to the campus community, and/or are bound by date or location.It is important to understand that all events must be approved by the Norris Advisory Board.

Which spaces are included in advanced scheduling?

  • All Norris Center meeting rooms and event spaces
  • Norris East Lawn and South Lawn
  • Cahn Auditorium
  • Shanley Hall
  • Guild Lounge
  • 2122 Sheridan Great Room
  • 2122 Sheridan Performance Hall
  • Lutkin Hall

Please note, you can request specific rooms but if they are unavailable we will make "best-fit" assignments for approved events. This may include working with other meeting and event spaces on campus if the requested rooms are not available for your event.

What if my Advanced Scheduling Request is not approved?

  • Reservations requests will be accepted after 8:30am on the above dates for both student organizations and departments. You can make your request by using Virtual EMS, stopping by the Administration office in Norris, calling (847) 231-2330 or emailing

Outdoor Location Requests

The Norris University Center has implemented a new, more collaborative product to facilitate outdoor space requests on campus. This system will help to streamline outdoor request processes and enhance communication within these areas. We ask that all requests for outdoor space be submitted through the outdoor event system. These requests will follow the same timeline as above. You are invited to submit your requests for outdoor locations here.

Room Rates

In the fall of 2017, Norris updated the room rates for the University Center and Satellite Locations. Please refer to the attached room rates card as well as information regarding which rates your events fall under to identify charges (PDF). We will decide which rate to place your event under as we obtain information about it. Please note that these rates are subject to change.

Email if you need any clarification.