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March Exam Relief 2021


Sorry, all friends have been claimed.
You may check-in after 6 pm on Thursday, March 11 if there are any unclaimed Exam Relief Packs! 

Free Exam Pack featuring “Fill a Friend” your study buddy, smart snack, 3 packets of screen cleaner, pen, post its and tissue!

Thursday, March 11
1:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Norris Center Wildcat Room
Pick up in person at your scheduled time.


Fill-a-Friend- You make your own stuffed animal, pick it, stuff it, love it!

You will be issued a friend, stuffing, tee-shirt, certificate, and a heart.
Make sure you adhere to social distancing and table protocol when assembling your friend. 

Enjoy your study buddy and stay safe!

Exam Packs are for Undergraduate students living on and off-campus in the surrounding community.

Quantities are limited!

fill a friend choices