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Pottery Sale

Everything is only $5!

How to Purchase


#6-Hand Crafted Fishy, $5

Great piece to decorate
your outdoor patio
Teal plate and mug

#14-Bread and Beverage, $5

Food safe plate and mug
Great for a lunchtime break
Enjoy sauce boat and mug

#4-Sauce Boat and Mug, $5

Great for informal dining!
Food Safe

#7-Decorative Duo, $5

Enjoy this special sculptural pair.
Looks great inside or outdoors.
Blue trio set

#12-Blues Trio, Pig, Boat and Mug, $5

Food Safe Blue value
Three pieces for one price!
Orange flower

#15-Fiesta Plate and Flower Dish, $5

Get creative with this cute food-safe ensemble.
Party perfect.
bowl and happy mug

#5-Fun Bowl and Happy Mug, $5

Food safe for your morning wake up
Enjoy coffee and granola.
NU mug and plate

#10-NU Ensemble, $5

Food safe wildcat snack plate and mug!
Go cats!