Words & Images

Acting and Character Creation

Acting and Character Creation

Words & Images Mini Courses will be back in the Winter! Check out the descriptions of some of our past courses below.

Academic Networking

Conducting research, writing papers, and spending time in the lab is only part of what a person does in academia. Attending conferences, meeting senior scholars, and networking with colleagues is also vital to advancing your career. This course will help you prepare for a life in academia by enhancing your skills in areas as diverse as conference presentations, using LinkedIn and Academia.edu, creating business cards, and engaging successfully with senior scholars, deans, administrators, and even the general public. 

The Art of Public Speaking

In this course students will learn and practice the art of public speaking. We will study how to craft an extemporaneous speech with an equal emphasis on content and style. Each week the course will combine specific learning objectives with actual speaking practice.

Acting and Character Creation

Taught by a two-time Emmy nominated instructor in film and television, this interactive course is an introduction to acting to experience how performance, movement, body, voice, etc. can be used to generate character performance ideas. The course will be used to help students create and build well-rounded characters for original stories they produce in class. Characterization, delivery, timing, expression, motivation, body language, and posture will be studied through improvisation exercises, storytelling activities, observation studies, and by examining the work of master actors.

Cartoon Storytelling

Learn the basics of cartooning, storytelling, and creativity. Participants use cartooning to create original characters and personal stories. This course is ideal for anyone interested in the art of cartooning, learning effective visual communication skills, and those interested in taking their creativity to their next level. Our objective is to create and complete an original story with original characters. Make sure your pencils are sharpened; you'll be drawing a lot! All experience levels are welcome. 

Creative Writing

In this course, we will outline creative writing as a craft, critique published work, and examine student work. This class aims to equip students with the tools to practice their craft during the course, with the focus on continuing work after the course is complete. The course will focus on questions about structure, styles of writing, and approaching critique.

Introduction to Poetry Writing

Discover your inner poet! We will explore imagery, language, meaning, rhythm and rhyme, all in a relaxed an creatively nurturing atmosphere. Using poetry games and writing prompts, you will create new poems each week. Bring a notebook and something to write with.

Spoken Word

This workshop will approach spoken word as a genre of writing composed with performance in mind. Together, we will talk about what makes a successful text and what makes a successful performer, learning form established poets and each other. The focus will not be on how one can fit into the spoken word or slam poetry scene, but instead on how each student's unique qualities and experiences can be highlighted and utilized by the genre. No experience required, just energy and interest!