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Fall 2019 Mini Courses

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Acting and Character Creation

Instructor: Steven Fischer

  • Thursdays: 6 pm - 7:30 pm, October 10 - December 5
    • Fee: $75 NU / $85 Public

This course is an introduction to acting to experience how performance, movement, body, voice, etc. can be used to generate character performance ideas. The course will be used to help students create and build well-rounded characters for original stories they will produce in class. Characterization, delivery, timing, expression, motivation, body language, and posture will be studied through improvisation exercises, storytelling activities, observation studies, and by examining the work of master actors.

* There will be no class on October 31 (Halloween)

** There will be no class on November 28 (Thanksgiving)


Pocket Billiards for Beginners

Instructor: Larry Schwartz

  • Tuesdays: 6 pm - 8 pm, October 15 - November 19
    • Fee: $75 NU / $85 Public

This course is good for your game whether you’re a beginner or advanced pool player. Plenty of interacting and a lot of fun. Students will learn the basic fundamentals and the finer points to become a better pool player, including trick shots, bank shots, combinations, carom shots, and many more.