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french class

Language Mini Courses will be back in the fall! Check out some of our past course descriptions below.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is the fourth most used language in the United States today, and it is the native language of the Deaf in America. The American Deaf work, play, and go to school in a variety of settings in which they have no communication with their fellow workers or supervisors. This class provides a hands-on learning environment that will allow the student to learn vocabulary, to produce the signs accurately, to use the signs in appropriate contexts, to understand the signs of others, and to understand the culture of the adult who is deaf. This course enables the student to acquire basic conversational sign language skills, and discusses deaf awareness and the different systems of signed communication

Beginning Arabic Part 1

This course serves as an introduction to written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic. Students will develop basic skills through games, exercises, and conversation. By the end of the course, students should be able to identify, write, and pronounce Arabic letters; be comfortable with simple greetings; be able to express themselves through basic questions and statements; and have gained vocabulary like colors, animals, and food.

Beginning Arabic Part 2

In this second part of a basic introduction to written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic, students will develop basic skills through games, exercises and conversation. By the end of the six-week term, students will have strengthened their skills in identifying, writing, and pronouncing Arabic letters; be comfortable with simple greetings; be able to express themselves through basic questions and statements; and be able to tell simple stories about their lives.

Cherokee Language Learners

This class will serve to facilitate students in learning the fundamental basics of the Cherokee language. Various topics that will be discussed include: conversation, grammar, sentence formation and verb conjugation. There are no prerequisites for this course.

English as a Second Language

This course will provide English language instruction and conversational practice for pre-intermediate/intermediate English adults. Students will become more familiar with grammar structures and vocabulary of the English language through reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This course will also focus on the cultural component of English language learning.

Beginning French

Take on this beautiful language in a relaxed setting. Whether you are picking up French for the first time, or coming back after years away, this class if for you! Introductory French classes introduce basic vocabulary and expressions used in everyday situations. Beginning lessons cover how to listen, read, write and speak in social and travel situations.

Italian for Food Lovers: Beginner

Let's eat Italy! In this culinary based approach to Italian language learning, we will explore the best food regions of Italy to learn about culture, language, and contemporary life. Through the diverse and exciting world of Italian cuisine, we will learn to communicate in simple, everyday contexts with a strong emphasis on oral expression and listening comprehension, as well as developing reading and writing skills. Students will also receive an authentic regional recipe with each lesson.

Beginning Korean

Get started learning Korean: reading, writing characters, as well as speaking! This course introduces basic reading, writing, and speaking skills. There are no textbooks and no prerequisites. Gain knowledge of the Korean language that you can start applying immediately!

Conversational Spanish for Beginners

The introductory class assumes no previous knowledge. The vocabulary and concepts learned will be a foundation from which to continue developing fluency. Class time and instruction will be focused on real-life listening and speaking skills with a variety of practice activities for outside of class.

Intermediate Spanish

Whether you've taken Spanish for Beginners or your Spanish is just a little rusty, pick up where you left off and take your Spanish to the next level! This intermediate course will continue to explore grammar, vocabulary, and provide the opportunity to practice all that you learn.