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Summer 2018 Mini Courses

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Introduction to Latin Ballroom Dance (4 weeks)

Instructor: Mariya Gasyuchenko

  • Mondays: 6:00 - 8:30PM, June 27 - July 25
    • Location: Dittmar Gallery
    • Fee: $111 NU / $121 Public

This course will provide an introduction to Latin Ballroom basics, including the Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, and Jive. It will also familiarize students with traditional and popular ballroom dances. We will incorporate basics steps into mini-routines. Starting with slow music we will work our way up to regular tempo/speed. No experience or partner is needed. Wear comfortable clothing/attire. Please note the Mini Course will not meet on July 4.

Past Mini Courses

Belly Dancing Dance Exercise (6 weeks)

Learn hot, smooth belly dance moves to enhance your dance and your life. Practice the correct body mechanics from Egypt to protect your body when you're dancing or moving through life. Come out and dance: learn hip snags, drops, and circles. Learn chest circles, shoulder shimmies, and frame it all with exotic arms. From Classical, Oriental Belly Dance music to current MIX of Hip Hop/Reggae/Indian/Middle Eastern music, this class moves to great music, a wonderful release after a week of intense studies.

Hip Hop Dance (6 weeks)

Hip Hop dance is a relatively new yet very popular style of dance around the world, and this course. In this course students will learn the fundamentals, history, and technique of hip hop dance. Technique in popping, grooving and tutting will be taught throughout the course. No experience necessary!

Intermediate Hip Hop Dance (6 weeks)

This intermediate course builds up on material learned in Hip Hop Dance. It will focus more on the learning and performance of hip-hop choreography. Prior dance experience of any sort is recommended.