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Summer 2018 Mini Courses

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Beginning Ceramics (4 weeks)

Instructor: Ian Wallach

  • Wednesdays: 5:30 - 8:00PM, June 27- July 25
    • Location: ARTica Studios 
    • Fee: $111 NU/ $121 Public

Introduction to wheel throwing and hand-building techniques. Students will learn to use a variety of techniques to both functional and sculptural forms. We will discuss glazing techniques and other design applications for pottery. Please note the Mini Course will not meet on July 4.

Ceramics Sculpture (4 weeks)

Instructor: Becca Smith

  • Saturdays: 3:00 - 5:30PM, June 30 - July 28
    • Location: ARTica Studios 
    • Fee: $111 NU/$121 Public

Sculptural ceramics will be a course focused on hand building. Learn more about several process and explore concept, volume, and surface decoration!Please note this Mini Course will not meet on July 7.

Sketchbook I: Graphite and Charcoal Drawing (4 weeks)

Instructor: Stephanie Lupu

  • Wednesdays: 6:00 - 8:00PM, June 27 - July 25
    • Location: ARTica Classroom
    • Fee: $111 NU / $121 Public

This course provides a solid technical understanding of drawing. Beginner students will learn an appreciation for charcoal and graphite media through lessons in composition, value, line quality, perspective, and still life observation. Please note the Mini Course will not meet on July 4.

Past Mini Courses


Creative Design wtih Monotype Printing

ENERGY, IMPROVISATION, IMPULSE, GESTURE, and CHANCE are ALL characteristics of this printing process, as stated by William Jung. during this six week class, consisting of twelve hours, participants will learn the Monotype printing process in ink and watercolor using the additive, subtractive, and freestyle processes. Students will also learn how to use the two mediums together for exciting results. This is a popular class that promises a lot of creative FUN and some outstanding results.

Costume Design

This course is designed for students to get the understanding of the principles of theatrical design and the psychology of character clothing. Students will develop costume designs that emerge through a process of character analysis, based on teh script and directorial concept. Costume and character research, design, and drawing skills are fostered through practical exercises. Instruction in fabric search, line drawings, and costume paperwork.

Exploring Watercolor

This course is an introduction to watercolor painting. Participants will learn the importance of value, shapes, color, and design in watercolor painting, in addition to HOW a painting is started. The instructor will demonstrate many unique techniques taht can be used in watercolor painting during the six weeks. Much information is packed into each two-hour class, with a lesson and demonstration in the beginning of the session followed by students working on their individual paintings with instructor guidance. Participants will walk away from this experience with a good foundation about watercolor painting and design.

Intro to Black & White Darkroom

This course serves as an introduction to photographing with black & white fil and related darkroom practices. Sutdents will receive an overview of b&w methods, including camera functions, exposure control, film developing, and image printing. By no means comprehensive, this introductory course will establish a basic skill set and serve as a starting poitn for further lens based explorations. The material covered in the course is transferable to digital cameras and photographing with mobile devices.

Beginning Knitting: Knit a Striped Scarf! (3 weeks)

From zero to a finished scarf in just three weeks! This course is for people who want to learn to knit and like to see results quickly. Design and create your own striped scarf while you learn a new relaxing and artistic hobby. Materials needed: students will receive a supplies list on January 19 for their first day of class.

Intermediate Ceramics

This class is for students who want to review and practice their throwing skills. The focus will be on making taller and larger work and incorporating hand building techniques. Previous ceramics experience is required.

Advanced Ceramics

This class is for experienced potters whoc an consistently center adn pull a cylinder. The teacher will use the project ideas of individual studetns to teach skills to the entire class. The focus will be on producing larger forms, such as casseroles, chip and dip platters, lidded vessels, and altering thrown pieces.


Sketchbook II: Mixed Media (6 weeks)

This course provides a solid technical understanding of drawing and color theory. Students from intermediate skill levels will learn an appreciation for materials and methods through lessons in composition, value, line quality, perspective, and still life observation.

Stage Makeup (8 weeks)

FANTASY MAKEUP COURSE! Use your face as a canvas. Explore and learn how to apply makeup correctly. In this class we will focus on designing and creating fantasy looks using different makeup techniques. You will learn about gore, old age, animal, and basic corrective makeup. Some of the techniques that you learn you can apply in your everyday makeup, but also for a Halloween party! Students will leave the course with a full skill set in stage fantasy makeup.