Reserving Dittmar

No reservations are being taken at this time


Please review these rules before hosting an event at Dittmar Gallery.

To submit a request to host an event at Dittmar please fill out an Event Request form.

Protocol for student groups’ use of Dittmar Memorial Gallery

Please note the room set up. The following are the regulations for altering the room:

  • Nothing can obstruct the view of the exhibit walls. A clear path must be maintained around the perimeter of the room for viewing of the art. (Meaning: catering tables may not be pushed up against the wall, no screens may be set up that would block the art in any way, etc)
  • The current furniture stays but may be rearranged for your event.
  • You may order a maximum of 40 chairs.
  • You may reserve 1 lecturn. A small speaker and 1-2 mics may be reserved.
  • The Center Manager on duty may be contacted to turn off the music. Arrange with them to turn the music back on at the end of your event. You may not play your own music on the Dittmar sound system.
  • If you reserve a coat rack, it must be directly outside the gallery doors.
  • You may not rearrange the lighting. You may turn it on/off. It is your responsibility to turn it back on at the end of your event.
  • Catering may be ordered through Events Planning. You may request catering after your reservation has been confirmed by Dittmar staff. It is your responsibility to arrange the setup of the catering tables to not obstruct the walls. It is also your responsibility to see that catering removes the tables from the gallery following the event.
  • You may not reserve a projector/screen. If such A/V needs are required for your event, perhaps a Norris meeting room would be more appropriate.
  • Please note: Event reservation proposals that contribute to the themes and content of the current exhibition or to the arts community at Northwestern will be given priority over other proposed events. Reoccurring events such as weekly student group meetings will not be approved for use of the gallery.
  • Dittmar may turn away any event request made if it deemed inappropriate for the space or would present a danger to the artwork.

Before Event

  • Gallery must be plugged in the flyer for event. Dittmar staff can provide you the Dittmar logo upon request.
  • The group must send at least one member to the opening reception or a related gallery sponsored event for the month of the exhibit their event falls on. Failure to send a representative will result in a cancellation of your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you must cancel or reschedule your event it is your responsibility to inform the Dittmar Staff as well as Debra Blade prior to cancelling. To insure that the gallery is aware of the cancellation, cc the point of contact as well as contacting
  • Please be aware that if you have catering scheduled for your event then your student group will be held responsible for the cost.
  • Before any catering will be finalized Dittmar requests that you provide a chartstring number in the event of cancellation.