Norris Galleria

nu galleria

Norris Galleria is an exciting exhibition space on the ground floor of Norris Center that accepts visual art submissions – photographs, sketches, anything you can hang on a wall. It’s a creative space for anyone! All members of the Northwestern community are welcome to reserve the space throughout the year for wall-mountable art installations.

Norris Galleria: Your Space to Exhibit

Do you have something you would like to share? E-mail to submit your artwork.

Reservations are limited to 2 weeks.


Ground Floor Between C-Store and Frontera (map

Guidelines for using Norris Galleria:

  1. A written proposal must be provided before we can approve your exhibit on Galleria. The proposal should include a brief description of your exhibit and a few sample images.
  2. You may begin installing your exhibit during office hours on the first Monday of your exhibition.
  3. Norris Galleria will provide “ L” hooks, nails, thumbtacks, hammers, levels and tape measures to assist in the installation of your exhibit. Any additional hardware must be acquired yourself.
  4. To gain access to the Norris Galleria materials, you must come to ARTica Studios in the basement of Norris and check out tools. A member of the ARTica or Dittmar Staff will give them to you. You must return them as soon as you have completed installing your work in the space.
  5. Norris Galleria is comprised of 6 panels, each 9 feet tall by 4 feet wide. Please provide enough materials to adequately fill the entire space.
  6. Please make sure all of your materials are removed from the space and that the space is clean after you leave. All hardware and paper must be removed from the walls and the floors surrounding the panels must be clear.
  7. Your exhibit must be removed from the space before 5PM on the final day of your exhibition.
  8. All materials lent by Norris Galleria must be returned by 5PM on the final day of your exhibition.
  9. Remember that this space is for all to view and enjoy. Please do not display any subject matter that could be construed as offensive.
  10. Norris Galleria is first and foremost an artistic space. While we encourage you to promote your activities, ideas and organizations please keep the spirit of art at the forefront.
  11. Please keep in mind the very public nature of Norris Galleria. There is no security for Norris Galleria. You are displaying your art at your own risk.