Exhibit Dates: October 20th-November 27th

By: Lisa Goesling

All artists are Storytellers, drawing people in through their imagery. Storylines consists of two bodies of work created on Scratchboard, hard boards covered in clay and India ink. A simple swipe of a knife and in an instant…a work of art is born.

Lisa Goesling’s series, Environmental Movement, inspired by Eco-Psychology, concentrates on nature’s designs. Mysteries lie deep within unearthed through the lens of a magnifying glass. Spontaneous Combustion converts nature’s minute details into geometric shapes, telling the story of movement, patterns and textures through line. 

Ms. Goesling neither sketches first or erases, enabling the viewer to experience the same level of energy that Lisa does when she creates. Every time you become intimate with her art, you realize that there is always more to the story.