Let_Me Be A Part of_Your Search History

Jonathan McFadden's installation interacts with, interprets, and processes fragments of personal narratives of the people we have loose associations with while finding ourselves as voyeurs in these personal moments. While these digital images appear in our feeds temporarily, they have a permanence and history that exists beyond the brief moment we view them on our devices.

By utilizing this information for object creation, the ephemeral take on a static permanence alters how the information is consumed and allows the viewer to engage in new dialogues with the work. This Dittmar Gallery installation is presenting work made from reactions to news and social media cycles leading up to the exhibition.

The intention of this exhibition is to draw attention to the fractured and often sensationalized events and the culture of dramatization it has created. The exhibit consists of a print installation and 2-D works consisting of imagery and text pulled directly from social media pages.

Exhibit Dates: September 12th - October 16th