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Ludlow Named John Evans Professor in Philosophy

November 4, 2011 | by Jasmine Rangel

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Peter Ludlow, professor of philosophy in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, has been named the John Evans Professor in Moral and Intellectual Philosophy.

Ludlow’s research interests are broad, ranging from the philosophy of linguistics to virtual worlds and cyberspace. His doctoral thesis was under the supervision of the philosopher of mathematics Charles Parsons (son of Talcott Parsons) and he has also studied linguistic theory with Noam Chomsky and others at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ludlow has subsequently worked on the application of contemporary philosophy of language and linguistics to topics in epistemology, metaphysics and logic. In his research on cyberspace, he asks questions about cyber rights and the emergence of laws and governance structures in and for virtual communities.

Ludlow’s book, “The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse,” has receive several awards, including the Association of American Publishers’ award for Best Book in Media and Cultural Studies, 2007.

Another book by Ludlow on virtual life, “Our Future in Virtual Worlds,” published last year, has already been translated into Italian and Portuguese.

Ludlow’s research in linguistics has produced the books “The Philosophy of Generative Linguistics” and “Natural Logic and the Holy Grail,” among other works. He currently has numerous manuscripts in preparation or under contract, on topics ranging from the nature of word meaning to the phenomenon of grieving in virtual worlds.

Ludlow has been awarded several fellowships, including the James B. and Grace J. Nelson Faculty Fellowship in Philosophy and the Scots Philosophical Club Centenary Fellowship and a Fulbright Chair at the University of Venice, Italy.

He joined the faculty at Northwestern in 2008 and has served on a number of ad hoc and permanent departmental committees and has been the department’s placement officer for the last two years.
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