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Halloween Hand-Me-Downs

Theatre department's costume shop cleans house with annual Halloween sale

October 18, 2011 | by Matt Paolelli

Just in time for Halloween, the Costume Shop at the School of Communication's Theatre and Interpretation Center cleaned out its storage supply and hosted its annual costume sale. Students found unbeatable deals on everything from vintage clothing and wedding dresses to fur coats and Darth Vader masks.

The costumes were all purchased, donated or specially created for Northwestern theatrical productions, said Megan Keach, costume stitcher at the Costume Shop.

"We have a lot of storage, but more stuff than can fit," Keach said. "Throughout the year we go through and pare through things that we don't want or that we don't need anymore, and they go in the Halloween sale."

The two-day sale is a goldmine for students searching for Halloween costume ideas -- or just a funky new addition to their wardrobe.

"Some of these items are really cool because we made them here," Keach said. "You can't find them anywhere else."

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