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Mortensen wows in Stockholm

Mortensen Brings Prize Home

December 22, 2010 | by Pat Vaughan Tremmel

Welcome to this edition of News at Northwestern.

Today you’ll be introduced to one of the oldest clubs at the University.

It’s called MOC AND WOC… don’t laugh, that’s the real name.

And it helps students who commute to campus for classes, feel just as welcome as those that live here.

Then we’ll follow 8 students from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering as they travel to Berlin for a very special adventure. They planned to study sustainable structures… but then..

they got the surprise of a lifetime, when one of the world’s most acclaimed architects led them through a specialized intensive course of study that they tell us, has changed their lives.

And then…..get ready for a tour of comic books you’ll never forget. You’ll travel through the back pages of Superman, Captain Marvel, and more;; as well as some underground comics you may never have seen before. It’s all part a new exhibit in  Northwestern ‘s library ….an enormous collection of comic books.

But First…

Question -  how old do you have to be to conduct advanced biology experiments at Northwestern?

    Answer – would you believe as young as six?

   It’s true – and it’s all because of a special program that brings young people to campus – and introduces them to the wonders of the science laboratory.

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