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Caution: Pedestrian Crossing Near Arch to Change

September 30, 2010
Due to the construction work on Sheridan Road in Evanston, the configuration of the pedestrian crossing at Sheridan Road and Chicago Avenue near the Arch will change, effective Friday, Oct. 1.

Starting Friday, the crosswalk from the Arch west across Sheridan Road to Scott Hall will be closed. The crosswalk from the Arch south across Sheridan Road to Alice Millar Chapel will be open and the crosswalk from Millar Chapel west across Chicago Avenue will remain open. Pedestrians going from the main campus to the west side of Sheridan Road should first cross to the south side of Sheridan Road and then to the west side of Chicago Avenue.

Pedestrians are urged to use caution, obey the traffic signals and stay within the designated pedestrian areas when crossing at that intersection.
Topics: University News