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University Sets 2010-2011 Costs

Increase will support new investments in academic programs, student services and student and faculty recruiting

March 19, 2010
EVANSTON, Ill. --- Undergraduate tuition at Northwestern University will increase 4.6 percent to $39,840 for the 2010-2011 academic year from the current year's $38,088, University officials announced today.  

Room and board rates will increase 4.6 percent to $12,240 from $11,703 for an undergraduate student living in a double room and on a 19-meal-per-week board plan. Approximately 4,000 of Northwestern's 8,400 undergraduate students live in University residence halls.

Total undergraduate tuition, fees, room and board at Northwestern University will increase 4.6 percent to $52,463 in 2010-2011 from the current year's $50,166.

The cost increase will help support new investments in academic programs and student services, recruiting and retaining the best faculty and maintaining Northwestern's facilities and information technology infrastructure, and help pay for meeting students financial aid needs, which continue to increase at a more rapid rate than tuition. The University has endeavored to keep the increase as low as possible despite losses to its endowment.  Schools and administrative offices of the University have cut expenses and capital projects have been postponed.

Northwestern will continue its policy of "need-blind" admission for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, in which a student's ability to pay is not considered during the admission process. The number of low-income students attending Northwestern has increased by 27 percent over the past year, as a result of aid provided by a combination of University funds and federally funded Pell grants. The total amount of scholarship spending for undergraduates will increase more than 8 percent to $105 million.

The undergraduate student athletic fee will increase to $39 next year from $37 this year.  The student activity fee will increase to $144 from $138.  The student health fee remains at $200.  The premium for students participating in the University's voluntary student health insurance program will increase 4.5 percent.

Graduate school tuition also will increase by 4.6 percent to $39,840 next year. Tuition for the Medill School of Journalism, the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Kellogg School of Management and the Law School will be finalized later this spring.

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