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Make Sure We Can Find You

Update your contact information so Northwestern can reach you in an emergency

February 3, 2010

Last week when there was a report of an incident at the Rubloff Building on the Chicago campus, Northwestern University used several means of communication in order to provide an alert and updates on the situation. One of those methods is the University's emergency notification system, which uses an outside firm that specializes in mass notification systems, said Alan Cubbage, vice president for university relations. The system rapidly sends text messages and e-mails and calls people at Northwestern.

Cubbage noted that in order for the emergency notification system to be effective, it is important for Northwestern students, faculty and staff to provide accurate contact information to the University. "If, for example, you've switched wireless phone carriers recently and have a new number or bought a new phone and have a different number, the University needs that information. We can't call or text you if we don't have your phone number," Cubbage said.

Northwestern has e-mail addresses for all of its students, faculty and staff, but the emergency notification system requires a phone number in order to call and/or send text messages.

Faculty and staff should update their information through the HRIS system available on the Human Resources web page.
Click on the yellow SELF SERVICE button in the middle of the page.

After you have logged in, follow the link to the Personal Information section and update your phone numbers. The emergency notification system will call your mobile phone, your office phone and your home phone. If you work in a laboratory and want to receive emergency notification calls there, you can enter the phone number for the lab in the "Work Phone 1" or "Work Phone 2" field in addition to your office phone number.

NOTE: To notify you via the emergency notification system, the numbers that are used are the ones in the Phone Numbers section of the HRIS Personal Information. The numbers in the Family Emergency Contacts are NOT the ones used by the emergency notification system. The numbers in the Family Emergency Contacts should be those of members of your family who would be notified in case of an emergency involving you.

Students should update their information through CAESAR.

The new "Emergency Info. Summary" page in CAESAR is the best place to review your emergency information.  This page shows both your emergency notification number(s) (where to reach you in the event of a campus emergency) and your emergency contacts (who to contact or make medical decisions on your behalf). Please also make sure you have provided at least one up-to-date emergency contact.

Here's how to update your information:

  • Log in to CAESAR and select the new "Review Emergency Info." button on the top right-hand corner of your Student Center.
  • Review the numbers in the "Emergency Notification Phone Numbers" section.
  • IF THE NUMBER(S) LISTED ARE STILL THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOU, verify their accuracy by selecting the "Sign" button. Take a moment to review and update your emergency contacts, and you're done.
  • IF YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION NUMBER(S), select the "Edit" button on the right.You'll be re-directed to your Phone Numbers page.
  • Make the necessary changes, and remember that you can provide both a cell and a local/current number for notification by checking the boxes in the "Use for Emergency Notification" column.
  • Click "Save" and you're done.

Students in the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA programs can update their emergency notification information using the Kellogg Student Directory.  Students in the EMBA program should contact the program office for more information.

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