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Tweeting to Start the New School Year

Students, parents and alumni share move-in day thoughts and experiences via Twitter

September 17, 2009 | by Matt Paolelli

As Move-In Day approached, we asked students and parents with Twitter accounts to keep us updated on their experience of the Wildcat Welcome activities. Tweets from incoming students, returning students, parents and alumni flooded the Twitterverse, providing real-time reactions and commentary to the events of the day. Here's what they had to say.

Tweets from Students


Tweets from Parents, Alumni & Others

@troyquezada Ahh! I have just moved into my room! Excitement...


@MEBair Just finished moving oldest daughter into her dorm at #Northwestern. Great place, great people at Allison.

@atz4688 #Northwestern arrival in 7 hours!! WHOOO SENIOR YEAR!!!!!!


@NU1HELP http://twitpic.com/htm3b - Need to find us? We're in these swanky t-shirts!

@gregthesped Saw the first sign for Chicago just now! Almost back to #Northwestern! Just 4 hours in the car...

   @eszter: #Northwestern welcomes the new first-year class, fun to watch a new year start

@troyquezada Ahhh!!! About to meet the roomie for the 1st time! My room is all done! #northwestern


@kbusays The kiddies are moving into their dorms at #Northwestern. Evanston is overrun with nervous parents.

@gregsschmidt Hey look! We're in Chicago! Almost back to #Northwestern http://yfrog.com/0ekqrnj


@crchoi After four years, I'm not in Evanston getting ready for Fall Quarter. I miss it, but I'm glad to be on this side of the fence! #Northwestern

@troyquezada Yea for Jones! http://twitgoo.com/3c4lk

  @AndrewGothelf Crazy to think this is my last year at #Northwestern. Makes me jealous of the freshmen moving in. Here's to an incredible senior year at NU.

@troyquezada Wow. Am I really here? #northwestern http://twitgoo.com/3c7d1

   @AnyaBeaupre Wish i could live it again- loved frosh year @ Allison Hall... #Northwestern

 @troyquezada My 1st taste of dorm food... it's actually pretty good... http://twitgoo.com/3c7pl

  @MEBair Hard to believe our #Northwestern new student move-in experience already over! It was great from start to finish - everyone so nice!
@troyquezada After a meeting, headed to another one, then smores on the lake! So, I decided my dorm is the coolest ever. #northwestern    @MEBair Our #Northwestern freshman daughter in good hands at #Medill, where we said goodbye today.

@yayitsrob Every so often I have a moment where I realize how awesome this place is. And, no, I really was not paid to say that. #northwestern

  @MEBair Glad to be safely back in LA, but miss the energy and enthusiasm of new student week - and our oldest daughter- at #Northwestern.
@atz4688 MOVED IN. Getting unpacked. Excited for day of rest tomorrow :) Yay #northwestern   @yellowmoby just returned from moving daughter into Northwestern dorm for freshman year. it will be terrific, I'm sure.

@yayitsrob Third day in my dorm, and i'm already in jeans & a t-shirt. When it gets cold at #northwestern, it gets cold FAST.

@Mary_Carol: At Northwestern. New student week here. I think I saw myself :-) but I had a cell phone.
@troyquezada Already moved in, and thinking bout when I'm gettin outta here...study abroad session :)    @NU_Library Welcome to the many students who have been touring the library today. Come back soon!
@troyquezada We done with meetings! Let's hear some tunage :) #northwestern    
@troyquezada The acapella fest: now there's some hot stuff! Lol    
@Leenarr: organizing my stuff after the move in! :) #Northwestern
 @troyquezadaA capella greatness... http://twitgoo.com/3djeo    
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