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DeKalb Wagon Company Catalog at Transportation Library

January 6, 2009 | by Judy Moore
EVANSTON, Ill. --- A catalog of DeKalb Motor Trucks issued by the DeKalb Wagon Company is part of the Northwestern University Transportation Library collection.

Printed approximately in the late 1910s or early 1920s, the catalog features detailed specifications for the "Dependable DeKalb," a comparative analysis of the cost of operating a truck versus a horse-drawn vehicle and a picture of the company's DeKalb, Ill., headquarters. The catalog was part of a gift to the University from an anonymous donor.

The Transportation Library has extensive material documenting existing and defunct motor vehicle manufacturers, but until this catalog surfaced there was no record that DeKalb had ever been a site for this industry. No other library appears to hold a copy of the catalog.
Topics: Campus Life