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John Lavine to Continue as Medill Dean

January 16, 2008 | by Alan K. Cubbage
EVANSTON, Ill. --- Northwestern University President Henry Bienen today announced that he has asked John Lavine to continue as Dean of Medill beyond the 3.5 years for which he was initially appointed.

Bienen named Lavine in 2006 to lead a fast-track development and implementation of new Medill curricula to position the School at the forefront of journalism and integrated marketing communications in the digital age. That transition is scheduled to be completed in 2009.

"I am excited by what has been accomplished by John and everyone at Medill. They are setting a new standard for journalism and integrated marketing communications education in this country and globally," Bienen said. "They've done it by developing new undergraduate and graduate curricula in record time. They've already implemented the first iteration of the new curricula and will refine them over the next two years.

"Then, in the Spring or Fall of 2009 the faculty will review the results and vote on whether or not to adopt the new curricula and any changes in the operations of Medill that will help support those changes for the future," Bienen said.

The President noted that Medill is also developing an international presence. "Dean Lavine has helped lead the efforts to create Northwestern's first school outside of Chicago. We have signed an agreement with the Qatar Education Foundation to establish a new school with programs in journalism and communication in Doha. It will open this fall. In addition, Deans Jain from Kellogg and Lavine are now turning their attention to the possibility of creating a school in India. This is a project that Dean Jain and I began two years ago."

Bienen concluded, "Since there is much going on, it is clear that we need John Lavine's leadership to carry these exciting but complicated efforts forward. So, we have asked him to remain as dean beyond June 2009. This is good for the University and Medill, and Provost Linzer, and I are pleased that John has agreed to our request."

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