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Campus Parking Rates Set

October 3, 2006


The cost of an annual Evanston campus parking permit for the 2006-07 academic year will be $438.

The 2.8 percent increase from last year's $426 cost will help meet standard increases in administrative-related costs. It will also provide funding for lot improvements and expansions such as the new surface lot on the North Campus east of the Sports and Aquatics Center on L.A.R.C. Drive.

Annual permits for part-time employees working 20 hours or less per week will be $291.

The cost of the Ryan Field remote permit will remain at $25. Ryan Field remains an alternative to those not wishing to pay the full permit rate and for those who live in the walking zone and need a place to park their vehicle. Those individuals who purchase a Ryan Field permit are allowed to park in the main campus C lots during the summer term.

Permits will not be renewed until all outstanding violations are paid.

New permits must be displayed by Oct. 1.

The lot east of Cook Hall will be restricted to F permits only. No student parking will be permitted. This step is being taken in preparation for construction of the new Proteomics and Nanobiotechnology Building at the northern end of the Allen Center lot.

Contract or non-university employees will no be eligible for F lot parking but will be restricted to parking in the SPAC lot, L.A.R.C. Drive, the South Beach Garage and Engelhart Lot.

Additional information is available from the Parking Office or via e-mail to Merrill Silverman, m-silverman@northwestern.edu.


Parking permit rates for the Chicago campus have also been established.

The faculty/staff rates are for a full year based on salary. The 10-tier fee structure for Erie-Ontario Self Park (D Lot) and Abbott Hall Surface Lot (A Lot) ranges from $438 to $2,472 annually. Seven of those fees include a Cook County tax of $120 or $180, based on the cost of the permit.

This year the parking office is introducing a flat rate for the Huron-St. Clair (C Lot). Tiered salary rates will no longer apply to the C Lot, in preparation for the increase of University and patient visitors.

Parking fees for evening/weekend permits and for student permits are based on quarterly, school year or full-year parking. Rates for evening/weekend permits range from $126 to $342. Student parking permits range from $141 to $438.

Parking permit revenue is used to pay a portion of these costs: operation of the University garages and parking lot; the Erie/Ontario garage expansion; and these services -- the Inter-campus Shuttle, SafeRide Shuttle and Ryan Field Shuttle.

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